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Mar 17th
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Tuesday, 25 December 2007
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Psychiatric disorders
The Causes of Psychiatric Illness
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Psychiatric disorders | Type, Cause and Remedy 

Psychiatric disorders range from mood shifts to depression to schizophrenia to psychosis. Two per cent of the world's population suffer from psychiatric disorders. In the advanced nations and among the affluent people, consciousness about psychiatric conditions is high whereas in poorer nations like ours it is a social stigma and as a result patients are not cared for appropriately.

So much so that psychiatric conditions are not recognized as diseases and disorders. Psychiatric specialists and psychologists are therefore low in number in our country.

In general, psychiatric illness exists when these conventional bounds of normality of inner experience or of behavior are exceeded, and when definite inconvenience is thereby caused, or seems likely to be caused, to either the person concerned or to those around him.

For example, inner experiences such as fear before a possible car smash, or apprehension before a dental appointment, are common and accepted as normal. Fear and apprehension without a conventionally acceptable cause or with a cause too trifling for the intensity of feeling, may prompt the sufferer to seek medical advice.

For example, to be suspicious of strange men is at times a wise precaution for females. To be suspicious of all men all the time is excessive but the inconvenience may be balanced by the pleasure of feeling such a centre of attraction. However, if public accusations follow that all the men around her have designs on her virtue, and then the neighbors of such a lady are likely to press her to seek medical advice.

The study and treatment of all such personally or socially inconvenient forms of experience or behavior is termed psychiatry. Stress of modern life, addictions drugs and other non-drug substances, mental handicaps due to genetic reasons, are all part of the psychiatric disorder scenario.

The Stethoscope has chosen this week's Cover Story on Psychiatric illness to focus on the causes, treatment, care, and preventive measures needed to combat these socially and medically significant disorders and to take help of the innovative remedies and resources within the country and in the advanced nations.

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