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Feb 12th
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Parent Involvement - Health Education For Children PDF Print E-mail

Parents are partners with schools in the effort to educate healthy children who have the skills they need to become competent and productive adults. There is no area of the curriculum where this is more true than in health education. Children acquire their basic health attitudes and behaviors within the family home. Involving parents in their children's education takes time and effort. The energy you put into involving parents will have a big reward, however, both in your classroom this year and in your students' lives now and in the years to come.

Responsibility For Preventing Health Risks And Today'S Youth PDF Print E-mail

Over 46 million young people are in public schools; one-third of the nation's population in the United States is youth, and youth are the future of this country. Yet, the future does not look optimistic for the health of our youth. What is comprehensive school health education and what are the critical elements of a successful comprehensive school health education program? A comprehensive school health education program is a planned, sequential, pre-kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum that addresses the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of health.

Multiculturalism: Perspectives On Health Education PDF Print E-mail

Multicultural education acknowledges that the strength and richness of the United States lies in its human diversity. Historically, health education in this country has been a manifestation of traditional American values toward health issues and behaviors. It has allowed little room for diversity of values and beliefs about health and wellness among the many ethnic and linguistic groups that make up America. Multicultural education, on the other hand, attempts to be inclusive and allows for all students to increase their awareness and appreciation of differences and similarities amongst all peoples.

Plastic feeding bottle might be harmful for your baby PDF Print E-mail

Plastic feeding bottle might be harmful for your babyRecent Canadian research warned; would declare the chemical bisphenol-a, or BPA, toxic

Nalgene, the brand that popularized water bottles made from hard, clear and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate, will stop using the plastic because of growing concern over one of its ingredients.

The decision by Nalgene Outdoor Products, a unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific, based in Rochester, came after reports that the Canadian government would declare the chemical bisphenol-a, or BPA, toxic. Some animal studies have linked the chemical to changes in the hormonal system.

Increased rate of U.S. premature infants may toll in future PDF Print E-mail
Increased rate of U.S. premature infants may toll in future The arrival of a bouncing bundle of joy is always cause for great excitement, but never more so than when the birth comes weeks or even months before the due date. It's not so much that the hospital bag is unlikely to be packed, it's more the shock of delivering a tiny tot, whose survival depends upon round-the-clock specialised care.
Discovery of insulin production from stem cells showing hope to diabetes PDF Print E-mail

Discovery of insulin production from stem cells showing hope to diabetes

There is currently no cure for diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes must take insulin several times a day and test their blood glucose concentration three to four times a day throughout their entire lives. Recently scientists have found a way to convert human embryonic stem (ES) cells into cells that release insulin in response to glucose and ease a diabetes-like condition in mice, a new study says.

HIV-infected child caregivers should be aware of transmission risks PDF Print E-mail


The AIDS virus can be passed from an infected mother to her baby if she pre-chews the child's food asHIV-infected child caregivers should be aware of transmission risks sometimes occurs in developing countries, U.S. government scientists said on Wednesday.

The stress of raising HIV-infected children may precipitate or exacerbate chronic psychological conditions in caregivers, impacting on their perception of the child’s behaviour . Infected mothers often describe their children as exhibiting more internalizing (anxiety, somatic) behaviour problems than other caregivers.

In developing countries, some mothers pre-chew food for babies. These women may lack access to packaged baby food or may not have a way to blend baby food. This practice is thought to be very rare in the United States or other wealthy nations.


"Warning signs for the risk of future heart attack"; showing new hope PDF Print E-mail
Everyone loves a two-fer, but a two-in-one heart test that has the potential to save lives is the real deal. According to new research, pairing two findings from one simple test makes it significantly more likely that doctors will identify patients who face the greatest risk after a heart attack.

"This is important because past studies, focusing on a single test, failed to identify most people at risk," said Derek V. Exner, M.D., M.P.H., a heart rhythm specialist and an associate professor at the University of Calgary's Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, in Canada. "We developed a simple method of identifying approximately twice as many people at risk. That means we can potentially save more lives."
Obese lung functions are at higher risk of ozone exposure PDF Print E-mail
A new study provides the first evidence that people with higher body mass index (BMI) may have a Obese lung functions are at higher risk of ozone exposure greater response to ozone than leaner people. Short-term exposure to atmospheric ozone has long been known to cause a temporary drop in lung function in many people. BMI is the ratio between height and weight frequently used to classify individuals as underweight, overweight or normal weight.
Creating sound health PDF Print E-mail
All of us, children and adults, are bombarded every day by noises and sounds that have deleterious effects on our nervous systems and well-being. Even when we consider our houses to be quiet, there is often a hum from the lights, refrigerator, and other electrical appliances. We have to work hard to "tune out" extraneous sounds in order to focus on conversations, our studies, or the task at hand. One practical solution to this modern problem is to create healthy sound to mask the irritating environmental noise pollution. Developed by Advanced Brain Technologies, Sound Health grew out of the work of the National Academy for Child Development (NACD) over a twenty-year period. NACD researched and experimented with many ways to create a better sound environment and Sound Health, which helps to enhance mental function and serve as a shield against sound pollution, was created. Sound Health is unique in the marketplace. Much of this uniqueness comes from the accumulated experience of the team involved in its production. We want to give you a basic idea of the main elements involved and why we believe they make Sound Health so effective.
Keep fit with aerobics PDF Print E-mail

If you train aerobically on a regular basis, some important metabolic changes take place inside the body.

At the cellular level aerobic exercise force your body to adapt to new conditions of life and new demands. As a result, your body starts an increase in the size and number of mitochondria it produces. The body also produces a greater proportion of myoglobin.

Psychiatric Illness, Treatment and Psychotherapy PDF Print E-mail
Any contact between doctor and patient has psychological aspects. A simple act, such as writing a prescription, has a psychological meaning. This depends on the setting in which the act occurs, the way it is carried out and the respective psychological attitudes, conscious and unconscious, of patient and doctor towards each other.
Simple blood test can determine foetal abnormalities PDF Print E-mail
With more women having their babies at a later age, the chances of having a baby with genetic, chromosomal or structural defect increase. Women above 35 have a higher chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome. This can be detected by a test called an amniocenthesis, where a needle is inserted into the womb to extract fluid from the placenta.
Can We Fight Depression? PDF Print E-mail
Considering the huge impact worldwide of depression on health, health care costs, and the ability to work, so much information should be good news. But look more closely at individual studies and it soon becomes obvious that most investigate physiological, metabolic, or biochemical disturbances associated with depression. None of these findings have been shown to be of any help for deciding which patients should be treated with what therapies over what period of time.
Mental Health and Diet PDF Print E-mail
Mental health problems and pyschiatric illness range from mood disorders to depression to schizophrenia and other complicated psychiatric problems.
Drug Addiction and Its Remedies PDF Print E-mail
The main elements in combating Drug addiction include measures to control availability and use of drugs, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, and restoration of social moral and religious values. To prevent re-addiction in patients, innovative treatment containing medical, social and religious aspects have to be put in place. Easy availability of treatment will ensure the elimination of this socially and physically dreaded disease.
Psychiatric disorders PDF Print E-mail
Psychiatric disorders range from mood shifts to depression to schizophrenia to psychosis. Two per cent of the world's population suffer from psychiatric disorders. In the advanced nations and among the affluent people, consciousness about psychiatric conditions is high whereas in poorer nations like ours it is a social stigma and as a result patients are not cared for appropriately.