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Sep 02nd
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Iraqi Premier will Give up Half of His Salary PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 February 2011

As unrest sweeps the Middle East, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said he would give up half his salary in a possible bid to head off simmering discontent, and called for a two-term limit to be placed on his office.

Iraqis have held sporadic protests against food, power and water shortages and their plight acquired particular attention this month as a wave of anti-government protests rocked the region.

Famous Faces Lend Voice to Egypt's Protests PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 February 2011

Egypt's cultural glitterati have joined thousands of protesters from all walks of life calling for an immediate end to President Hosni Mubarak 30-year-rule.

Khalid Abdalla, a British-Egyptian actor known for his lead role in the 2007 adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner," was among the crowd on Cairo's Tahrir (Liberation) square on Saturday.

ElBaradei Could Run For President PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 February 2011

Nobel Peace Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei said on Friday he could run in Egypt's presidential elections if the Egyptian people asked him to, denying a report in an Austrian newspaper that he would not run.

"This is not true," ElBaradei said in a phone interview with Al Jazeera. "If the Egyptian people want me to continue the change process, I will not disappoint the Egyptian people."

Five Killed as Egypt Protesters Come Under Fire PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 February 2011

Supporters of President Hosni Mubarak opened fire on protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Thursday, killing at least five, in a fresh spike in violence over an unprecedented challenge to his 30-year-old rule.

In the overnight fighting, machine-gun fire echoed for more than an hour across the central square where protesters -- unsatisfied by Mubarak's pledge to step down in September -- have vowed to stay until the 82-year-old president quits.

Protest in Egypt, 3 Killed PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 January 2011

At least three people have been killed during clashes with police in Egypt during a day of rare protest against the government of President Hosni Mubarak.

The countrywide protests, inspired by recent events in neighbouring Tunisia, focused on widespread anger over alleged torture, corruption, poverty and unemployment in the three decades of Mubarak's rule.

Egyptian state TV said the dead included a policeman who was killed during clashes in the capital, Cairo.

US Aims to Cut Defense Budget, Slash Troops PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 January 2011

The United States plans to cut $78 billion in defense spending over five years, including a reduction of up to 47,000 troops, in a politically contentious move that would trim the government's growing budget deficit.

The proposed cuts, unveiled at a somber Pentagon briefing on Thursday, follow increased White House and congressional scrutiny of military spending, which has doubled in real terms since the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Suicide Bomber Kills 40 in Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 December 2010

A suicide bomber attacked a gathering of displaced people waiting to get aid in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday, killing at least 40 of them, a hospital official said.

The attack in the Bajaur region on the Afghan border came a day after a big clash between Pakistani Taliban insurgents and security forces in the neighbouring Mohmand region that left 11 soldiers and 24 militants dead.

WikiLeaks Out For Hours After US Firm Pulls Plug PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 December 2010

An American company that had been directing traffic to the WikiLeaks website withdrew its services late on Thursday, making the site invisible for several hours., which helps computers locate the sites of its members, said WikiLeaks had breached its terms of service, and that it had stopped providing services to the controversial publisher of leaked information at 2200 Eastern time on Thursday (0300 GMT on Friday).

WikiLeaks Sparks Global Diplomatic Crisis PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2010

The United States was catapulted into a worldwide diplomatic crisis on Sunday, with the leaking to the Guardian and The New York Times and some other international media of more than 250,000 classified cables from its embassies, many sent as recently as February this year.

The documents show Saudi donors remain chief financiers of militant groups like al Qaeda and that Chinese government operatives have waged a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage targeting the United States and its allies, according to a review of the WikiLeaks documents published in the Times.

Saudi King Urged US to Attack Iran: WikiLeaks PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2010

Saudi King Abdullah has repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran's nuclear program and China directed cyberattacks on the United States, according to a vast cache of diplomatic cables released on Sunday in an embarrassing leak that undermines US diplomacy.

The more than 250,000 documents, given to five media groups by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, provide candid and at times critical views of foreign leaders as well as sensitive information on terrorism and nuclear proliferation filed by US diplomats, according to The New York Times.

Prince Charles Suggests Camilla Could be Queen PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 November 2010

Prince Charles has for the first time said his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, could become queen if he were to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Asked in an interview with NBC television about the possibility of Camilla becoming queen if he is crowned king, Charles said: "We'll see and I don't know if I'll -- if I'll still be alive, but that -- that could be."

Taliban Attack Airport and Base in East Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 November 2010

Taliban insurgents attacked the main airport and a foreign military base at Jalalabad in Afghanistan's east on Saturday, Reuters witnesses and police said, with at least three of the attackers killed.

The assault in Jalalabad came a day after a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of Afghan and NATO-led troops on the outskirts of the capital, Kabul, signaling a possible spike in violence in the lead-up to two important international events regarding the conflict in Afghanistan.

Rousseff Rides Economic Boom to Brazil's Presidency PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 November 2010

Former guerrilla leader Dilma Rousseff won Brazil's presidential election in resounding fashion on Sunday and promised to stick to policies that have lifted millions from poverty and made Brazil one of the world's hottest economies.

The ruling party's candidate, who rode the huge popularity of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to power, won 56 percent of valid votes compared to 43.9 percent for the opposition's Jose Serra, with 99.9 percent of ballots counted.

Russia Appeals to Iraq to Not Execute Aziz PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 October 2010

Russia called on Iraq on Wednesday not to carry out the death sentence on Tareq Aziz on humanitarian grounds, its foreign ministry said.

The Vatican has also appealed against the sentence which was passed by Iraq's high tribunal on Tuesday on Aziz, once the international face of late dictator Saddam Hussein's government and Iraq's foreign minister. He is also a Christian.

UN Votes Against US Embargo on Cuba for 19th Year PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to urge the United States to lift a 48-year-old economic embargo against Cuba, making a now ritual call despite some US easing towards the communist-run island.

The assembly passed a nonbinding resolution -- with 187 votes in favour, two against and three abstentions -- for the 19th consecutive year, reflecting the world's disapproval of Washington's long-standing effort to isolate Havana.

Bangkok On High Alert As Chao Phraya Overflow Merges With High Tides PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 October 2010

BANGKOK: Thailand`s capital city of Bangkok is on high alert Tuesday bracing for an expected inundation as the Chao Phraya River surges high due to run-offs from the North, peak high tides and incessant rain, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

The high tide is expected to reach its peak at around 9am, as the water level in Bangkok surges extremely close to the 2.5-metre flood safety level.

Bomb Kills Six at Sufi Shrine in Eastern Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 October 2010

A bomb exploded at the gate of a Sufi shrine in Pakistan's eastern city of Pak Pattan on Monday, killing six people, a city government official said.

The explosive was planted on a motorcycle, city police chief Mohammad Kashif told Reuters by telephone.

French Union Calls for Massive New Pension Protest PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 October 2010

One of France's biggest unions called on Thursday for further "massive" strike action next week against a planned pension reform that has triggered the biggest and most sustained anti-austerity protests in Europe.

A final Senate vote on President Nicolas Sarkozy's unpopular bill is set to be speeded up to make sure it happens on Friday, a parliamentary source told Reuters, following pressure from the government as protests and fuel blockades drag on.

Super Typhoon to Hit North Philippines on Monday PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 October 2010

The northern Philippines was lashed by heavy rains and strong winds from super typhoon Megi on Monday morning, and forecasters said the center of the storm was expected to make landfall before noon (12 a.m. EDT).

Megi, the 10th and strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year, had slowed and changed course slightly overnight to be tracking west southwest, delaying its expected arrival in north Luzon, the country's main island, the state weather agency said.

First of Chile's Trapped Miners is Rescued PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The first of 33 trapped miners was pulled to safety in a capsule barely wider than a man's shoulders early on Wednesday, an emotional breakthrough as a two-month ordeal inside a Chilean mine neared its end.

Rescuers, relatives and friends broke into jubilant cheers as 31-year-old father-of-two Florencio Avalos emerged on the surface to breathe his first fresh air in 69 days after a claustrophobic ascent of around 2,050 feet through thick rock.

Duo Wins 2010 Physics Nobel for Carbon Breakthrough PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 October 2010

Russian-born scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov shared the 2010 Nobel Prize for physics for experiments with super-thin carbon matter, the prize committee said on Tuesday.

The committee said the two had shown that carbon in an extremely thin form -- just one atom thick -- had exceptional properties originating in the world of quantum physics.

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