On Non-government Organizations
Friday, 12 September 2008

in practice most of the NGOs are engaged in various businesses which have little if anything to do with development of Bangladesh or of its people. Nonetheless NGOs continue to exist and operate in large numbers in the Country. Recently the Emergency Government has been trying to get some of the Country's largest and most renowned NGOs to cooperate with it in key development and rehabilitation projects but these NGOs are ill disposed to do so considering that the profits to be gained out of such involvements are not large and lucrative enough. One such ongoing project is the rehabilitation of some 30,000 children engaged in different risky jobs. The Emergency Government had requested the Grameen Bank, BRAC and Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) to disburse some Taka 20 crorer worth of loans to the families of these working children but the Grameen Bank and BRAC did not respond at all finding the finances involved as too paltry and the PKSF demanded an interest of 12.50 percent on loans disbursed which the Government was reluctant to concede. Finally the Bangladesh Rural Development Board is getting the job done with a cut of 6 percent out of which 2 percent would go to local NGOs who would actually do the field work. The above is but one single example of how NGOs who are supposed to be non-profit making organizations providing"service to humanity are in fact some of the biggest profit makers in Bangladesh. In order to make these profits NGOs are involved in all sorts of unsavory wheeling and dealing with politics, with big business and with foreign interests. According to a Transperancy International Bangladesh report published in October 2007, most of some 45 thousand NGOs operating in Bangladesh are involved in such criminal activities as embezzlement and defalcation of funds, frauds, illegal collection of funds and tax evasion. The TIB report paints a pretty glum picture of these NGOs and their activities and calls into question the rationality of the existence of these NGOs. The point of the matter is that NGOs, particularly the biggest and the most renowned ones have made business out of the poverty of our people and have gained both riches and fame but the millions of people, whose name they exploited to justify their existence, have remained as poverty ridden as they ever were.

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