'AL comments an 'aspersion on the judiciary'
Monday, 01 September 2008

BNP secretary general Khandker Delwar HossainStaff Correspondent

BNP secretary general Khandker Delwar Hossain has slammed Awami League's criticism over Tarique Rahman's getting bail an "aspersion on the judiciary".

Speaking at a press briefing Saturday, after a joint meeting of the party, Delwar said: "[Syed Ashraful Islam] accused Tarique of being the 'world champion' of corruption. But no truth in the cases filed against has been found."
"If you have any specific allegation you file a case against Tarique. Don't make accusations without substantiating it with facts and figures," he said addressing his remarks to Awami League.
Delwar described the cases against Tarique as being filed "out of political vindication".
In a press briefing earlier in the day, AL's acting general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam had said: "If the 'world champion' of corruption is released from jail the present government has no moral right to keep other persons who are accused of corruption detained."
He also raised questions about the aim of the government's anticorruption drive, claiming it was launched to rescue the political position of BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami.
The BNP joint meeting, at Delwar's NAM flat residence, was held to discuss the programme for the 30th founding anniversary of the party on Sept 1.
After the meeting, Delwar told reporters the party would observe a three-day programme, to include: a discussion at Mohanagar Natya Mancha on Sunday afternoon and laying of wreaths at the grave of the late president Ziaur Rahman on Monday.
Delwar said that Thursday's meeting between detained former prime minister Khaleda Zia and Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed was held in accordance with the jail code.
"The jail authorities allowed the visit as a former prime minister made the request," said Delwar who was also present at the time.
"No political meeting was held."
He stressed that unlike Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia did not make any special request for release. "She will be released through the legal process."
In reply to a question, he expressed indignation at the rearrest of his son Khandker Akhter Hamid Paban after getting bail. "Law and constitution are being violated. There is no rule of law. All of us are now helpless."
BNP vice president Prof Sarwari Rahman, standing committee members Dr RA Gani, Chowdhury Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui, and MK Anwar, joint secretaries general Selima Rahman, Nazrul Islam Khan and Prof Abdul Mannan, office secretary Rizvi Ahmed and leaders of front organisations were present at the press briefing.

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The People  - regarding pending litigation |2009-10-07 10:55:58
Currently several Lac Suits / Litigations are pending in Different Courts of Bangladesh due to illegal occupation of land ignoring documents and title right by miscreants.
The officials of Land Survey Department, Settlement Office and their Subordinate Office are also responsible for most of the litigations as they prepare records & parcha of land in the name of some other people or concern ignoring deed & title right. depriving the actual land owner.
The malpractices of Land Survey Department and Settlement Offices are known to all corner. .
It shall continue as the officials of the above organization can not be made responsible for loss and damages of owner of land since the colonial period to till date

Correction of records & parcha at present are very complicated , lengthy matter and expensive one , by this time the illegal occupier changes the faces or position of the lands

Government may consider to take immediate action to abolish system of POSSESSION RIGHT of land without any valid document or title right.

And shall also allow the application TORT LAW in Bangladesh without any delay to established accountability & prevent existing malpractices by officials.

TORT LAW also protect poor people becoming more poor due to repression

It will be highly appreciated if you kindly circulate the above in all level for creation of awareness among the people and international community as well as Patriot Political Worker. Leader or Intellectual Group, & Policy Maker of the Country .

The People
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