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Saturday, 12 July 2008

I do believe almost every people became exhilarated after 1/11 having passing an unsecured life after liberation war. Some radical changes have done or going on conspicuously by CG seem to us their commitment. Yet, feel sorrow by seeing when essential commodities are being hoarded by evil doers business men and CG don't do any stern action despite law enforcing agencies are quite aware who are the hoarders.

Here, in Faridpur, one hoarding agency "Tara Store" is being hoarded most of the essential commodities and the opinions of most of the small traders are that sore controlling the price. Today I have bought one-liter bottle soybean oil by 130 Taka whilst Government declared it should be 112.
Contemplating all, it is crystal clear evil businessmen are being hoarded essential commodities and they are responsible to rise the price illogically albeit we know the fuel price has risen and the rate of some commodities are higher in International market. However, that does not mean price is hiking abruptly almost daily. Above all, government does not ignore their responsibilities as they do can any apposite steps as to curb price hiking.

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