New Delhi braces for Gujjar protests
Friday, 30 May 2008

REUTERS, NEW DELHI - Member of the Gujjar community demanding job quotas blocked highways leading to the national capital on Wednesday, threatening to bring its protests to New Delhi, the sixth day of demonstrations that killed 37 people.

Violent protests have roiled Rajasthan where at least 36 members of the Gujjar community were killed after police fired to quell rioting. A policeman was lynched.

The Gujjars, already considered a disadvantaged group, want to be reclassified further down the complex Hindu caste and status system so they qualify for government jobs and university seats reserved for such groups.

The government reserves about half of all seats in state colleges and universities for lower castes and tribal groups to flatten centuries-old social hierarchies, in what has been called the world's biggest affirmative action scheme.

Gujjar protesters have squatted on roads and rail tracks in Rajasthan with bodies of some of those killed in the police firing for almost a week, saying the bodies would not be cremated until the government relented.

"We urge the Rajasthan government to accord us the status we want as soon as possible to resolve the issue," Avatar Singh Bhadana, a top Gujjar leader told Reuters.

On Wednesday, Gujjars living around New Delhi blocked several arterial roads leading into the capital city to show solidarity with the protesters in Rajasthan. Police swiftly cleared those blockades.

Officials in New Delhi said they were prepared to tackle any violent street protests planned by the Gujjars on Thursday and held a meeting of security officials and police.

The army and federal police forces patrolled the Gujjar-dominated areas, which continued to report stray incidents of protesters burning tyres and damaging vehicles.

Gujjars say they deserve preferential treatment, but a state government committee did not agree, and announced instead it would spend 2.8 billion rupees ($67 million) improving schools, clinics, roads and other infrastructure in Gujjar areas.

The Rajasthan government has warned the protesters to back down or face further police action.

A year ago, Gujjars in Rajasthan fought police and members of another caste that already qualifies for job quotas. At least 26 people were killed in that violence.

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Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar,  - Places Named After The Gujjar Tribe In Pakistan |2008-07-25 12:07:26
Gujar Places In Pakistan

The thousands of places were named after the Gujjars and their sub-tribes in the Sub-Continent during the period they ruled over the South and some part of Central Asia. In these days an interesting discussion is going on as to who the Gujjars or Gurjars are? I am mentioning the name of some places situated in all the four provinces of Pakistan. This do not include the villages named after the Gujjars situated in Jammu & Kashmir, Northern Areas and the Tribal Areas. I will updating the visitors of this site after I complete the data in respect of these areas. I will also try my best some time later to provide the name of villages after the sub-tribes of Gujjars. The following data will help the analysts and historians to draw some befitting and logical conclusion.
I will be highly obliged if any brethren may add to my knowledge by mentioning such places named after the word Gujar, Gujjar or Gurjar, situated in India or any other part of the world. Kindly forward this despatch to other sites discussing the Gujjar
Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar  - GUJJARS : The 2nd Largest Ethinic & Linguistic En |2008-08-15 07:54:24
GUJJARS : A Warrior Tribe Who Inflicted Collosol Loss To The USSR

GUJJARS : The 2nd Largest Ethinic & Linguistic Entity Of Afghanistan

By: Ch. M. Ashraf Gujjar,

The U.S.A. and her allied countries had propounded the idea of a broad-based Government in Afghanistan, comprising of all the ethnic and linguastic groups. The western countries had false perception about the exact ethnic and linguastic division of Afghanistan. It was mistakenly believed that the Afghnistan is ethnically devided into Pushtoons and Persian speaking Northern alliance. The U.S.A. and its allies, while forming the present Karzai Government in Afghanistan, absolutely ignored the second largest and major ethnic Gujjar community. The Gujjars constitutes to be 35% of Afghanistan
Muhammas Ahtasham Khatana  - AOA. |2009-11-10 15:40:50
AOA.Sir I have a suggation for my all Gujjar brodry from all over the World that our Gujjars are facing matrimonial problems specially for the girls.So its my request to all Gujjar brodry pease do something for this problem.
Muahhamd Ahtasham Ch.
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