Duties for the winner of DV-2009
Friday, 18 April 2008

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                                                            Duties for the winner of DV-2009

It is for the information of all the concerned that those who have applied for DV -2009 should take note that the respective authority has begun sending letters to the winner from March,19,2008. Different people are receiving letters from various organizations based in America mentioning that they are the winner of the DV. But answering to these e-mails may result in danger and critical situation. Time will come when these institutions will demand huge amount of money to hand over the original documents to the respective DV winner.  Generally letters come for the DV winner from Kentucky directly. All should take note that the original letter must bear the address—Kentucky Consular Center, 3505 N. Highway 25 W, Williamsburg KY 40769 in the left alignment of the envelope.

This is only one side of the matter.  Tricks begin in Bangladesh when the letter comes in the country.  Generally the letters of the DV winner come by registered postal service. These letters are registered in the foreign post office located in Airport, Dhaka.  But what is sad to mention here that a group of fraud people collect the name and address of the winner from here and they go to the house of the winner. What a terrible thing!  The respective person did not receive any letter from America but the people came with good news of receiving DV, what a surprise! This sort of activity of the foreign post office is going on for a long time. But there is no remedy of the matter.  Beware of these fraud people. You can contact with Kentucky consular section if someone gives you this sort of message or news.  But things are more deep-rooted.  These fraud people show a false wife if the winner is male and vice –versa. They take an amount of 10-15 lack bdt from both sides.  This group is making money by these kinds of misdeeds for a long time.  But they have received a heavy blow this year, 2008. This year nobody received a visa who have shown false marriage. In different thanas of the country GD has been done against these corrupt people.  Legal procedures have also been made.  Those who have been a victim of these fraud people will not be able to go America for good.  These victims will not be able to make application in any visa including DV for the future. Those who have applied for DV-2009 through cyber café or through any other agency  and filled in EDV form must consult with an expert immigration lawyer because these  people or agency already showed a false wife or husband of you without your notice or knowledge.

Advocate Quazi Raquibul Islam
Managing Director
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i m winner dv 2009  - abdo |2008-07-19 15:11:53
merci ........all the people
dj chris  - question |2008-12-01 20:25:36
when should will be expecting the second letter becuzse some case no as be schedule since october,and we dont see any letter what can we do
abdelilah  - james |2009-04-22 23:45:58
we are still waiting for the second letter so what can we do
Sam  - A Question.... |2009-05-25 16:19:05
I won the DV 2009; Even i faced the visa interview which was successful. They gave me a blue sheet and said they will call me after all the processing. Even they put my passport in their custedy. Now it is almost the 5th month running after my visa interview but still i haven`t got any call from the embassy. Even a person who had the interview after 2 weeks of me, he was already investigated by the embassy, 1 month ago. moreover one of my friend who got his 1st letter before one week of me, he already got the visa. Even the 1st letter of DV 2010 has started to come. In this situetion what should i do?
Please let me know as soon as possible.
md showkat hasan  - i got dv 2010 ,my nationality is bangladeshi, but |2009-06-09 17:08:17
i won the dv2010, i applied that from bangladesh, i filled the form as a nationality of bangladesh, but postal address i used australian, i got the 1st letter in australian address, no immigration lorier work here for DV,what should i do now...Please let me know
thomas Kyere  - re: Children of DV winners |2009-07-27 09:49:45
At the time of sending my lottery draw for dv2008, my son was only a year and half old. I did not add his picture and info to my draw because he was too young to take a standard passport picture. Can I include him in my application when I won the lottery.
I ask this question because the counselor has just informed me that my application is being denied because I have an ineligible person on my application. He did however suggest that I can apply for a waiver. Can anyone please let me know how this can be done.

Thank you
Ricahard Kumi  - Mister |2009-10-16 05:04:29
Can't I call or contact the KCC for my interview date before my second letter comes in?

Betty  - Inquiry |2009-11-03 16:08:33
I just want to ask when i should expect my second letter because we are already in October and my number is very close.How do i know is they have sent it?
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