Human Rights situation of Bnagladesh.
Saturday, 01 March 2008

What do you think of the present human rights situation in Bangladesh?

Standing at the threshold of the new millennium, when the entire world is progressing towards success and prosperity through modern technological as well as economical aspects, where is Bangladesh heading for? Well one might be wondering that what it has to do with the present situation of human rights of Bangladesh. Right? But believe it or not it really has got a very good connection to it.

Country like Bangladesh is in true sense is far away from the so called word “Human Rights”. When there is an occasion to say something in social gatherings , educated fools like us, speaks allot about what human rights is, and what can be done to improve the condition, etc etc. But frankly speaking they themselves don’t know what it really means.

The word “Human Rights” refers to "the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Examples of rights and freedoms which are often thought of as human rights include civil and political rights, such as the right to life and liberty, freedom of expression, and equality before the law; and social, cultural and economic rights, including the right to participate in culture, the right to work, and the right to education.

Human Rights is exploited every where in Bangladesh. Starting from home, to school, college, university and finally the job sector. The true meaning of Human Rights which in simple words could be “Live & Let Live” exists no where in the perception of Bangladeshi people.

Home, the most safest and secured place on Earth for oneself, but one’s own rights are sabotaged here. Despite being the family member, he/ she is not entitled to all the benefits which the other member of the family are enjoying. The reason for such discrimination can sound very typical such as gender, status, tradition etc, but its true, as it is a common thing in country like Bangladesh.

The history repeats itself, when one enters school, college or university. This portion of life is considered to be most enjoyable and memorable but even here one’s rights are buried under the undue authority of the faculties, and some times even the management itself. Not only that the fellow students don’t lose a single chance of humiliating the person in the name of joke, fresher’s day, gender, physical appearance and many other related issues.

Finally, the job sector. The most awaited portion of anyone’s life which gives the sense of self dependence and acceptability of his/her skills and knowledge. But even here, one has to face his/her share of humiliation, which could either be in the name of position, gender, background, and finally physical appearance.

Living in the most modernized time, why do we still have such narrow mentality. Why can’t we think beyond that small square box.

When we will learn that putting a question mark on one’s way of living, studying, working is not the right attitude. No one is supposed to pass any personal comments on any one’s life style, or stop him/her from doing something, which the concerned person believes to be right. When we will understand that every body has the right to live an d we don’t have any so called authority in us , to force some to change his/her living style only because it doesn’t matches my so called principles. When we will start considering others as human and not puppets. That they have their life as well, which they want to live according to their desire and needs.

There are many “why” and “when” which needs to be answered in order to enlighten the society regarding human rights, but it will take time. It needs a group effort to rebuild the mentality of the people of our country. Making them believe that if some body talks to you regarding any issue, it doesn’t means, he/she is misbehaving with you or humiliating you. He/she is also human and has the right to present his/her views. It could be a simple discussion which can be handle softly and gently instead of creating a scene and seizing her right of free speech.

We belong to the democratic country, where we have sacrificed many valuable lives for the sake of freedom of speech, life style but it is really a shameful attitude that we are deviating from what we wanted once. In reality how many of us are actually practicing freedom of speech and life. Or should I say that it is luxury which is only limited to the elites not to the majority. Human right is not a decorum of anyone’s house or office. It relates to the rights which are possessed by birth then who are we to seize those rights.

Actually it needs a sound mentality & attitude to practice “Human Rights”, which most of us don’t have, as we all are nothing but a bunch of EDPs (Emotionally Disturb Persons).

Rehana Ismail
Faculty, Independent University Bangladesh.

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