A New Type of Blackmail in the Allotment of Purbachal Plot
Saturday, 29 August 2009

As you know Rajuk is engaged with repeated cheating in the allotment of Purbachal. plots. I found a new cheating as the following.

For the first phase, Rajuk already alotted plots of various sizes in Purbachal project. In this allotment, all information of the plots are mentioned clearly including plot size, sector number, road number and plot number. Also, the plots are clearly located in their map of Purbachal project according to order of plot numbers (please see the old map enlosed).

A New Type of Blackmail in the Allotment of Purbachal Plot

Old Map (Sector14)

But recently I found,in the Rajuk website that they have changed the location of the plots keeping the same numbers. And in this new arrangement, you can find no sequence of numbering of the plots rather randomly redistributed. For example plot number one is not started from a side rather from the middle. Also the arrangment is not similar for all the successive bloks that is roads in the same sector. Again you can find more that one plot with the same number in the same blok or same road. It is really surprising and funny! As a result, the person who was alloted plot at the corner of a sector, presently he is relocated in the middle of the sector and the vice versa. But the alottees preserve the same plot number.

A New Type of Blackmail in the Allotment of Purbachal Plot

New Map (Sector14)

Naturally question arises, why they changed the plot location and rearranged the plots with a disordered sequence. I attached herewith both of old and new maps for the sector 14 for your reference. I recommentd to check the plots with roads 303, 304, 305, 306 etc. for example.

I, therefore request you to kindy investigate the matter and make an urgent report so that the people may save from the Rajuk cheating beforte registration of the their plots. Thank you for your time and attention. I apperiate your all cooperation. Live long Independent.

yours sciencerely
Zahid Kamal
12, Alfred Drive
Chattanooga, Huston, USA

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