Import of vehicles should be restricted
Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Traffic congestion tackled

Participants of different walks of life in a discussion Saturday urged the government to ban the import of transports for private use in the country to ease the problem of traffic congestion in the capital. They also proposed to keep the roads of the capital free from any obstacles by restricting the movement of private transports and parking of vehicles on the city roads. The tough demand for banning the import of transports was made following a surge in their imports. The city dwellers are facing the severest ever traffic jam in the capital this year. One of the major causes of this situation is that on an average 50 new vehicles are coming to the street everyday worsening the crisis. 25 thousand small vehicles have been imported over the last eight months through the Chittagong Port where over 5 thousand vehicles are awaiting clearance. One thousand more vehicles are expected to reach the port before the Eid. This huge inflow of imported vehicles are resulting from the relaxation of the import policy by the commerce ministry. Moreover, at least five thousand more CNG auto rickshaws along with some new taxicabs are set to come to the streets of the capital soon. This continued influx of small vehicles to the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong are sure to aggravate the traffic congestion in these two cities and make movement of the pedestrians difficult. Traffic congestion is a major problem gripping the people in the capital city as this kills huge time of them everyday. This problem is becoming complicated as the city is growing fast, the pressure of commuters is mounting on the roads and the number of vehicles is increasing. Lack of well-planned efforts by the successive governments to ease the traffic congestions in the city has aggravated the crisis. The government is planning to implement the Strategic Transport Plan for ensuring an integrated, efficient and disciplined transport system in and around Dhaka. But its implementation will take a long. Meanwhile, the traffic congestion in the city has reached an unbearable stage and it should be resolved immediately. For this, activities between DCC and traffic department should be integrated, traffic rules should be implemented strictly , and violators of the rules should be seriously dealt with.

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