Capping Price hike, power crisis and traffic jam
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Skyrocketing prices of essentials, persistent power crisis, and deepening traffic congestion grip the people ahead of Ramadan all over the country, particularly in the city. It is very unfortunate that despite the government's firm pledge to address these problems specially during Ramzan it has failed to do anything tangible in these respect sand provide solace for the people. Advisers and other government officials have assured the people repeatedly that everything would be done to contain price hike, reduce load shedding and minimize traffic jam during the holy month. But prices of essentials, specially those used in increased quantity during the Ramzan, have escalated further in pursuance of the common practice on the part of a section of dishonest traders to create artificial crises of commodities and raise their prices during the Ramzan every year. Perhaps most important was the plan for market monitoring by the joint forces. But this plan has not yet been materialized and business syndicates have not been broken much to the disappointment of the people. Power crisis continues to persist in the capital and elsewhere in the country . Load shedding is a regular phenomenon as the electricity generation falls short of the demand by 800 to 1000 mw per day. As a result people are destined to suffer terribly during the holy month despite government efforts to ease the situation. Meanwhile, Traffic congestion is one of the major problems gripping the people living in and around the capital city as this menace kills huge time of them on the way everyday. This problem is getting complicated at the advent of the Ramzan due to the mounting pressure of commuters. Against this backdrop, to redress the sufferings of the people urgent steps are needed to bring down prices of essentials, increase power generation and reduce load shedding and ease the traffic jam by strictly enforcing the traffic rules. Specially, to stabilise market and contain price hike countrywide monitoring by joint forces and total elimination of syndication are needed most.

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