Negligence of govt officials main cause
Monday, 01 September 2008

Wastage of gas

Reports have it that  gas is being wasted away at the source, that is, through uncontrolled leakage at the Brahmanbaria Titas Gas fields. These leakages of gas through different cracks spreading over four kilometers of area around the gas field has been going on since 2003 and since then an estimated one billion cubic feet of gas has simply disappeared into air. Titas Gas officials are saying that "after visiting the fields, experts are now engaged in studying the issue". Experts on the other hand have cautioned that the Titas Gas field may face a serious blowout, if the situation is not brought under control quickly. Only a year or so back another gas field had a blow out resulting in a fire which burned away millions of cubic feet of gas. It defies reason and understanding as to how such colossal wastages are taking place year after year without the least bit of concern and urgency in tackling the situation. The Chairman, Petrobangla has stated that it is not possible to bring the situation under control within moments. The wastages of gas through leakages has been going on for years, he said.. No amount of corruption by individuals could match this mammoth wastage of resources through negligence and inefficiency. It needs no emphasis that gas is the only natural resource we have which is fueling much of our industries, power generation, a considerable portion of our transports and the entire need of households in major cities. The Emergency Government has been insisting on conservation of energy resources by cutting or reducing supplies of gas to the power sector and to industries. Additionally, there is a global energy crunch due to massive rise in fossil fuel prices and our Government has raised prices of all fuels including gas in order to keep up with prices in international markets and to reduce losses to government-controlled enterprises dealing in fuels and energies. All of this is massively affecting our entire economy, besides making peoples' lives miserable due to frequent power outages and rise in prices of all essential commodities initiated by large rises in fuel prices. It is now apparent that we are running short of gas not because the consumers are wasting gas but because the Government and its concerned agencies are negligent in looking after our resources.

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