Bangladesh needs a reawakening
Friday, 29 August 2008

Global warming

In the international symposium on 'Climate change and food security in South Asia' President Iajuddin Ahmed called upon the world community to work unitedly to face the challenges of global warming and make the planet a place of better living. He  termed the scientists the most important representatives of the mankind and asked them to give suggestions to the world community and make the common masses aware around the globe to protect this planet from the devastation of climate change. The symposium was jointly organized by the Dhaka University and the Ohio State University, USA in collaboration with the government, World Meteorological Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific. Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University Professor SMA Faiz presided over the inaugural session. Time has come for the international community to take a longer-term view of Bangladesh's frequent trysts with nature's whims. After two consecutive floods during the monsoon and then cyclone Sidr last year, Bangladesh needs a reawakening and new resolve to shape the nation's destiny. The Bangladesh nation can no longer afford to merely respond to a crisis, count on relief and rehabilitation and wait for the next blow to come. Bangladesh must be ambitious in its approach and firm in its resolve in thinking of a large-scale, long-term solution to contain the fury of mother-nature on a sustainable basis. Few nations face the challenges that we in Bangladesh face for our mere survival. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals will become a mirage if we fail to devote our minds  and money to reducing environmental vulnerability. We cannot do this alone. Strong international support is necessary to help us meet our environmental challenges.

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Suffering Groups of Owners of  - an appeal for justice |2008-10-11 17:32:42

Dear Sir
From 1972 after independent ,Bangladeshi Nationals started to Established Industries investing family resources ,adopting innovative technology as SELF EARNER & to create job for million of unemployed & to achieve economic freedom when everything were damaged and leftover ,taking all the risk
Government being willing to help these fast growing PRIVATE SECTOR INDUSTRIES with fund from International Grant Offering Agencies and stated to distributed through different Bank. From 1979 to1980 period..
But unfortunately Owner of Industries becomes victims of deep rooted conspiracy & Anti Propaganda .. The Bank Official refrain themselves from ascertaining production capacity of imported machineries and to provide required working capital loan in time extending total non-cooperation, negligence or even were reluctant to receive back their loan money if any Industrial Owner decided to pay back the loan for non-banking activities These have been done willing to jeopardize the Government decision & Policy of Privatizations as well to occupy the mortgaged properties of the Owner of The Industries
In this way Hundreds & Thousand of Industries in Bangladesh have been destroyed by Bank Officials & Policy Maker who are not aware of First Changing Technology even .
Due to Such conspiracy , negligence
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