Frequent changes in administration
Thursday, 28 August 2008

There have been massive changes in personnel in every tier of administration ahead of the forthcoming upazilla elections slated for October and the parliamentary elections proposed for December this year. This shifting of personnel is aimed at making the administration neutral and it is done by every caretaker government before every election. In making these changes, the Emergency Government is really deluding itself since a mere change in personnel by itself does not ensure either efficiency or neutrality or even accountability in public administration. One of the key expectations and demands of the people, when they acceded to the Emergency, was reforms in public administration so as to bring about accountability, answerability and good governance. Key persons in the Emergency Government including its Chief Advisor have insisted in every public speech that they are going to bring about these reforms but obviously they have failed to bring about the desired and expected changes. Equally obviously, public administration and the bureaucracy remains as politicized as it ever was and the Emergency Government has been able to do nothing to change. New personnel in old places working through old systems are not going to be any more accountable or efficient than their predecessors. All that is going to happen is considerable dislocations and confusion in public administration at all tiers, substantially increasing the sufferings of the common people already overburdened with myriad problems. The Emergency Government ought to have taken these factors into consideration before going into this rather hasty mass transfer of officials at a time when the Country is passing through severe political, economic and social destabilizations.

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