Political and economic collapse loom
Monday, 25 August 2008

Our Country is in a terrible political and economic mess with uncertainty in politics leading to uncertainties in the economy . Renowned economists reportedly said that "the Country's recession-ridden economy and political uncertainty may worsen further if the government fails to address them properly". Chief among the matters to be addressed is the issue of national elections. The government is determined to hold the upazilla elections before the national ones and it has already made into law the Representation of People Order Ordinance - measures with which none of the major political parties agree to and are infact opposing. So, one does not see how elections are going to take place under these circumnstances. All these "political" uncertainties are having a terribly negative impact on an economy in the doldrums for the last one year. Inflation, though not very high, is taking a terrible toll on people with low earning and buying capacities which includes most of the people of our Country. Investments in all sectors of our economy have declined and with the decline of investments, job opportunities too have declined. The only thing which is keeping us all alive is the agricultural sector which is producing just enough food to help us survive and the agricultural sector too are being badly hit by rising prices of fuel, fertilizer and other inputs. So, one does not know where all this is leading to and that really is the problem . So, unless our Government understands these psychological impacts of political and economic uncertainties and takes measures to address them, things are going to go from bad to worse until the populace bursts out in violent protests. Providing assurances that we will be a middle-income country by 2020 is not going to assuage peoples' sufferings now. Hence, immediate measures to get our politics and economy on track is the demand of the time.

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