Putting an end to extra-judicial killings
Monday, 21 July 2008

The death of Mashiul Alam Sentu, a prominent Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal leader in a shootout with RAB members on Wednesday has once again brought the issue of extra-judicial killings to the fore. He is the latest addition to the long list of people who have lost their lives in similar fashion. Bangladeshi brand of miscreants, criminals and terrorists must be rank amateurs. And if this is their standard then why "encounters" just catch them by their ears and put them behind the bars. Such killings are brazenly illegal. The standard and efficiency level of any law enforcement agency are not determined by how many people they have killed but by the number they are able to catch and produce before the courts. Extra-judicial killings do not enhance the image of the country rather they are considered serious violations of basic human rights. There cannot be anything more important than the right to life. Every man is innocent until proved guilty is the basic concept on which our criminal justice system stands. Nothing justifies extra-judicial killings. Since the executive and the judiciary is unconcerned about these killings this has become a license to kill. We vehemently oppose this. Even the most hated criminal deserves his day in the court. Our Cr.P.C. is quite unambiguous about it. RAB, police, joint forces have infinitely more firepower and facilities than criminals. If only these forces were well trained and efficient they would have produced all those they have killed before the courts. Extra-judicial killing of such a big number indicates their inefficiency only. The Inspector General of Police, who is very fond of talking, should tell his officers to avoid "encounters". We all have contributed in creating a culture where laws are frequently broken. Not only laws the constitution even. In only 37 years we have kicked the constitution thrice. The continuation of the state of emergency for more than a year is a glaring proof of that. Until and unless such practice of killing is stopped, the country will not see a true democratic and peaceful environment.

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