Suborna ties the knot again
Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Popular TV actress Suborna Mustafa has wedded director Badrul Anam Soud.

"Only those close to the families of the bride and the bridegroom were present at the wedding," entertainment magazine Anandadhara assistant editor Arif Khan told Monday.
Arif acted as a 'wedding witness' in line with Muslim marriage traditions.
The news put to rest speculation about Suborna's second marriage, which went on for weeks.
The ceremony played out in a low-key fashion at the Uttara home of Suborna's mother, starting at 11am Monday.
The denmohor (bride money) of Suborna-Soud marriage is Tk 10 lakh, Arif said.
Some workers of production house Krishnachura also attended the ceremony.
Repeated attempts to contact the bride and the bridegroom by phone failed as neither of them answered the calls.
During a visit Monday, the correspondent found the Krishnachura office in Uttara closed.
The shooting of daily TV soap Doll's House was off for the day as its director Badrul Anam Soud and actress Suborna were absent.
Co-director of Doll's House Afsana Mimi was also not available for comment.
Another actress of Doll's House, Bijori Barkatullah, told by phone: "You will get to know everything tomorrow."
Suborna has recently sent a letter of divorce to her husband Humayun Faridi, also a popular actor. Earlier both had told that they were living apart.

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zara  - why u wanna say something about............... |2008-07-16 19:13:22
Actually, its really a personal matter of them so it'll be good if any one don't interfere of that. Though, they are popular in media but everybody have right to take a decision in their own life, so, as a human being we shouldn't give any comments about this.
Biswanath Chakrabarty  - Reaction |2008-08-16 18:06:27
I m one of the biggest fans of Subarna Mustafa. I consider her as the most attractive personality. The Character she played in several dramas haunts me. There is a blend of innocence & intelligence in her face. I dream of a lady like her. But this incident of her second marriage is shocking a bit. I didn't think of anything like that from her. Anyway if she thinks its a right decision, then its ok...Hope she will find peace.
sanju  - wedding |2009-03-24 05:29:19
this is the personal matter of suborna.if she is not happy with her personal life,then her decision is wright.age doesnt matter in life.main thing is 'love looks not with the eyes but with the mind'.so i appretiate her.
saswati |2009-06-12 14:49:26
I Like her from my childhood. I wish her all the best.
nusrat  - mrs |2009-11-01 06:32:41
she broke other woman`s home by marrying foridi thats why she got her punishment from god end of the day.foridi was a married man but she broke his marrige by making relation with him . she is disgusting about this matter.i like her acting but about her personal life i really hate her.she is trying to be maddona .
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