Move to reform regulations
Thursday, 03 July 2008

We certainly welcome formation of the Regulatory Reforms Commission(RRC) as it is the first ever institutional attempt to update the centuries-old rules and regulations of the country to infuse dynamism into governance, administration and the economy. The Regulatory Reforms Commission has submitted two proposals to the caretaker government, one for compiling all rules and regulations so far issued and sending any new regulation for eliciting public opinion before gazette notification. The reform commission indeed brooked no delay as in the present era of globalization and regional cooperation. The huge numbers of existing rules of the country are not suitable foe a dynamic administration. Also, the RRC tasks are preparing recommendations for necessary reform of the existing rules and government orders to simplify those to remove foot-dragging practice and ensure due public services under the democratic system of governance. It also has to make recommendation for establishing a modern and dynamic administration suitable to democratic system of government. If necessary, recommendation has to be made for enacting new rules and regulations and government orders. The commission has to take into consideration globalisation, regional cooperation and nation-al economic development in recommending necessary reform of the rules and their clauses and orders related to investment, trade and commerce.  RRC proposal to send new regulations for assessing public opinion through website may not be wise. In a country where Internet usage is still at its primary stage and is beyond reach of the general masses, such an exercise of gauging public opinion will be seriously flawed. We are not really sure as to how meaningful was such an exercise through Internet after announcement of the budget. In fact, the next democratically-elected government could do the job if the present caretaker government really wants democratic means to assess public opinion on reforms of regulations for public welfare.

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