Elect 1/11 backers
Monday, 30 June 2008

Quarishi to party workers


Progressive Democratic Party chief Ferdous Ahmad Quarishi Saturday asked party workers to elect "honest people" from those who had supported the 1/11 changeover.

"Those who supported 1/11 will be the 'stars' of our party," Quarishi said at the party's first national convention at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh auditorium.

He asked the caretaker government and the army to press ahead with building a corruption-free country and not to give in to "corrupt people".

"The caretaker government and the army have public backings," he claimed.

"We don't want to give the country back to the parties who looted people's property."

Pointing an accusing finger at the country's two big political parties, Quarishi said: "They had established dynasties in the country and looted public property. Their dynasties changed into virtual monarchy. The 1/11 rescued the country from the 'monarchic rule'."

"We want honest and good leaders. We have to alert people to those who want a return of pre-1/11 days. If they are voted back to power, they will make the fate of the country uncertain," he added.

Quarishi thanked the army for its "role in rescuing the country".

He said his party would work to translate the spirits of 1/11 into reality by electing "honest and efficient" leaders from the grassroots level.

Two big parties—Awami League and the BNP—alternated in power but failed to establish good governance, Quarishi alleged.

Around 10,000 representatives from across the country joined the gathering. Three projectors have been used to relay the indoor event to a large number of people gathered outside the auditorium.

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