Bangladesh decides to install 7 rental power plants
Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bangladesh decides to install 7 rental power plantsBangladesh has decided to install seven rental power plants to check its acute power crisis with the power ministry recommending three foreign and local companies to add 250-mw electricity to the national power grid, reports quoting officials said here today.

Officials said the ministry is set to seek the nod of the interim government's purchase committee to allow the companies to install the plants immediately so that the country could reduce the demand supply gap ahead of the next summer.

The Daily Star said the proposal evaluation committee (PEC) of the ministry recommended Energy Prima, Alstom Power Company and foreign and local consortium Kaltimex and GBB Power.

"The sole objective of the government in this rental power bid is to augment 300MW power supply by April. The government is ready to pay more for this power which can be brought online very quickly and uninstalled effortlessly," a senior power ministry official said.

Officials said they decided to install temporarily seven power plants on rental basis for three years as they were expected to complete some major projects by the period to solve permanently the country's acute electricity crisis.

"This is an interim arrangement aiming to face the next two summers as we will need the time to complete the permanent power projects in both public and private sector," PDB director Bazlul Haq earlier told PTI.

He said 30 parties had expressed their intent to install the rental power plants.

The country faces shortfall of nearly 500 megawatt against the officially estimated demand of 4250 megawatt.


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ashfaq  - rental plant |2008-07-14 16:48:17
Why temporary power plant, is it profitable? because then the per unit cost will get increase and government will have to give this extra money and people have to buy electricity with a high cost.
azad rahman  - Why temporary power plant |2009-09-12 11:25:01
Why rental power plants are being installed. Why not installing own power plants in Bangladesh?
I know you will ask me economy side, then why built up the bridge on maowa.
Why that money are not used for energy side. At first develop our industrial side, and
Then think road and bridge section. Because if the industrial side develop then it will solve our unemployment problems. If people are satisfied by job our country will develop very soon.

Thank you.
mehdi  - Azad rahman on power plants |2009-10-07 10:11:09
" why built up the bridge on maowa. "
why did u say this buddy ?? Do you know how important it is for bangladesh .. ?? Lacs of people move to southern part of bangladesh. Its need more time to travel by lunch ans steamers and also that is waste of money and time travel atleast 11 hours .
Power is not less important in bangladesh . Its the foolish govt plan to make such rental power plants ..
just little little power plant whole over bangladesh . Thats not good. if they make 1000/1000/1000 three nuclear power plant.. at southern, northern and eastern part of bangladesh. I guess that will solve next 30 year problem.
you know our gas reserve amount ?? you will laugh to hear that ... its total reserve 10.47 TCF only for 65-70 years.
where USA daily need is 18 TCF .. are you laughfing ??? so no depend on gas or oil. Its the time to depend on nuclear power.
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