‘Heart diseases, diabetes curable without drugs and surgery’
Sunday, 01 June 2008

No angiogram, no operation needed anymore to heal a patient who suffers from a critical heart disease like blockage in the coronary artery, physicians claimed, reports agency.

Another serious disease, diabetes, is also reversible through lifestyle changes, needing no medicine, they said.

Dr Gobinda Chandra Das, Head of the Dept. of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital & Programme Director of the Coronary Artery Disease Prevention and Regression Program, said 50 coronary artery blockage patients are getting treatment by lifestyle change at his CAD-PR Centre clinic at Panthapath in the capital.

“All the patients are feeling much better and improving day by day,” Dr Gobinda told UNB Staff Writer Sajedul Islam. The lifestyle change involves dietary habit changes, stress-free techniques yoga, pranayam and meditation.

The critical heart patients who got benefits by changing lifestyle initially could not believe their health problems could be reversed, he said. The coronary artery blockage patients came to his CAD-PR Centre with mostly multiple artery blockages. One patient named Asalatujjaman, 59, worked in the Railway Services.

After doing angiogram in the ICVD, it was found out that all of his three main arteries were blocked severely: one 100 percent and another two 99 and 90 percent. He was unable to say his prayer even in standing position and doctors advised him bypass surgery.

They also told him that his operation would be critical. After joining CAD-PR Program within a month, he is not only fit for performing prayer in the standing position but even he can walk two kms without any chest pain.

Another patient, Sona Mia, had bypass operation in Bangalore, India, about four years back. After the bypass surgery, he was ok for three years, but for the last one year, again he has been feeling chest pain.

And after doing angiogram, it was found that, in the meantime, he has developed two more blocks. His financial condition was not so good and hence he was unable to go for any further surgical intervention. He felt chest pain everyday and could not sleep properly.

But, after joining the CAD-PR program within a month, he never again feels any chest pain and can now sleep a sound sleep at night. Dr. Gobinda Das said that unhealthy diet, mental tension, emotional disturbances, stresses and strains in life are the number- one risk factor for heart disease. Individuals suffering from heart diseases can reverse their sufferings by yoga, pranayam, meditation, lifestyle change and controlling risk factors.

Angioplasty or bypass surgery is generally advised for coronary heart diseases. But it has side-effects and is costly too. Moreover, heart problems reappear within several years.

“Life force of a man is virtually reduced to half after surgery,” said the innovative physician. He said the two mortal diseases can be reversed and patients can regain their health using the natural system of treatment scientifically proven capable of reversing heart diseases without drugs and surgery.

Another physician, Dr Anwar Hossain, Chairman of Standard Bio-Nutrition, also claimed success in reversing some cases of heart diseases and diabetes. He said 200 diabetes and 10 heart patients have so far been cured with the help of natural treatment system.

Dr Anwar said Dr Dean Ornish, a heart specialist and Professor and head of Cardiology department of California University, has developed the system of natural treatment in a major medical breakthrough.

Dr Ornish proved that if a more healthy potent diet is followed along with other lifestyle changes, plaques would not only stop growing, they would “actually start reversing or dissolving”.

He demonstrated that diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, impotence are related to same malnutrition problem.

These are also reversible with proper healthy diets and changes in comprehensive lifestyle. In the last 25 years, Dr Ornish and his colleagues have conducted a series of studies demonstrating that Reversal Diet (Omega-3 and full fat soy) can reverse the progression of even severe cardiac diseases in most people.

They demonstrated in hospitals across the United States how to safely avoid bypass surgery or angioplasty by following this diet combined with moderate exercise, stress management, techniques and participation in health camps and seminars.

Dr Ornish in 1990 took 1,800 heart patients, who were earlier prescribed to undergo bypass surgery, and provided them treatment, telling that they would no longer be required to undergo bypass surgery.

The American physician said that it is not possible to reverse the two diseases with the help of drugs and surgery, because these have side-effects and can never bring a permanent cure.

Dr Anwar said, “Our heart and diabetes patients are denied proper medical treatment despite spending huge amounts of money. Rather, they are made lifelong patients after the use of drugs and surgery.”

Along with food-habit change, Omega-3 invented by Dr Dean Ornish has brought about a sea change for heart patients across the world. Combination of yoga, change of food habit and use of Omega-3 are helpful for curing heart.

Dr Anwar Hossain lamented that huge amounts of money are spent in the country in the name of treatment of heart diseases and diabetes with little results.

Citing a health report of the World Health Organization, Dr Anwar said that Bangladesh is one of South Asian countries likely to be capital or centre stage of diabetes and heart diseases in the next decade.

He said 10 out of 15 main reasons responsible for diabetes and heart diseases are associated with regular food habit. “Regular intake of food creates blood pressure in our body and it gradually enhances the risk of heart diseases.

Hence, changing food habit is necessary to keep our body free from the diseases.” Dr Anwar called upon the media to raise awareness about the natural system of treatment so that it can be introduced in the country for the benefit of the people.

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junaidadil  - Please Help me out |2008-07-25 12:58:29
Dear Sir/Madam

am also a cardia patient, i have 3 Arteries blocked, i had one angio plaste last year, but unfortunately it ll Re blockage in same artery, could you please suggest me what should i do, hope i ll send you a detail mail next time or i ll try to contact you soon.

Am very Great ful to you,
Ahmed  - contact of Dr Gobinda Chandra Das |2008-08-05 07:17:20
my uncle is also a cardia patient with several blockage, i have read your artical published on 1jun2008. he will be visiting dhaka soon. would be grateful if any body can give be contact number of Dr Gobinda Chandra Das to take an appointment.

Mohammed Jaweed Hussain  - how can we cure Diabetes |2009-02-24 18:41:45
Dear Sir,

As Salam Alaykum, I am an indian working in Saudi Arabia since almost 9 years. since around 2 or 3 month I feel that am suffering urine infection, because am unable to release urine completely, burning while pass urine & can't control to release.
but in last month when i consult to a doctor, he istructed to me for some test. In glucose (fasting it found 180 & normal it 311) & doctor advice me to start medicine, when I see u r side I get confidence to cure this disease with medicine.

therefore i kindly request to you to give me some suggestion or advice or instruction which i have to make myself cure from respective subject.

So, I hope to received your reply & advice which can help me to recover with that.

chand chetival  - heart problem |2009-02-25 20:04:58
Three month back 29'10'2008
I felt some pain my between my chest while t waswalking speedily .I had consulted RML hospital at the initial stage they advised me to get done eco. as well asTMT after that they had advised me for angiography which held on 19'feb 2009 .Now reports had proved that these are 3 blockage in my arteriees ie 70%.80%90% please advise me how to proced further for betlerment of my health .
treetment goingom by RML Hosp.
i am not prepare for any type of surgry kindily advice me any type of treatment thanks .
Reshad Jewon  - Mr. |2009-06-28 01:33:13
I have had an angioplasty in 2004. Since then I am under medication for hypertension as well. This year I have been diagnosed as having a diabetic profile and is now on metformin.
I have read the article concerning the CAD-PR treatment. I am interested in knowing more....
Sunesh K Arya  - Contact of Dr. Gobinda Chandra Das |2009-06-30 16:31:05
Respected Sir, I am also patient of TVD with 99%stenosis in LCX Mild plaqinng in OM . OM 2 & OM 3 is normal RCA Small 2mm vesssel Proximal Segament 90% Stenosis Co-dominant.Two Artery arising from both LCx & R C A . Left pda is 99% stenosed. Right PDA is small branch. PLV arising from LCx. Daignosis CAD, TVD
harish shetty  - suggetion |2009-07-14 10:07:10
Dear Dr Saab,
I am working in Abu Dhabi, in U A E since last 22 years, I am 43 years old, I am living with my family i have one daughter, i heard you through the ZEE TV, i dont have any problem now i am good in health but my problem is due to the work stress i am suffering with gas trouble, due to my work atmosphere and timings i cant eat my food on time, so some time i am getting pain in my right side of kidney, it was really very painful as well some times back ach too, One more problem is breathing i cant stay in small room dark rooms as well more crowded place like trains, even i cant travel by a/c train because due to the air tight i feel suffocation, so all this problems i need your help, so kindly write me what kind of medicine you will suggest and is it possible to prescribe without check up? because i am in abroad so i am not able to come to Bombay soon, if you reply my all this questions my wife will coming to Bombay next month she will collect the medicine for me, so kindly reply me which medicine & where i will get it, what is the cost.......?
kindly reply me soon.
Thanking you Dr.

Hope you will reply me soon
ushamqlviya  - diebities since 12years |2009-08-03 09:28:20
i am on insulin taking 26 points of lintus every day since last three years but sorry to say that my sugar between 200 to 350 whenever i checked, i want to discontinue the insulin, please let me know some other diet and exercise to prevent sugar. thank you. usha
Mohamed Ali  - Diabetes |2009-08-27 10:38:05
My mother aged about 50 is diabetic-type-2 from past 2 years, She is taking English medicine Melmet sr 500 mg to control blood sugar and also some medicine to control high blood pressure, we are in India near Bangalore, Please send us your treatment in detail in document form so that we can read and let her follow, as everyone cannot come to Bangladesh...
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