Possession of nuclear weapons by Israel overlooked
Sunday, 01 June 2008

Jimmy Carter revealed that Israel has 140 nuclear weapons. This reveleation frankly speaking has put the United Nations, its nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency and its chief Elbaradei, US President George Bush and many other western leaders on the dock. At the prodding of the Security Council the IAEA has been playing hell with the “rogue” Iranian and North Korean regimes on alleged charges of developing nuclear weapons secretly. The IAEA chief, Egyptian Elbaradei, looks weary after trying for years to rein in Iran and North Korean regimes. But not even for once anybody has uttered a single word about Israel having a massive nuclear arsenal. One must not forget that George Bush has destroyed Iraq and killed nearly a quarter million people to destroy the “ weapons of mass destruction” his chosen few in CIA and Pentagon had “discovered” in Iraq. In the aftermath of World War II the state of Israel was conceived as a proxy of the west in the oil rich Middle East. Lord Balfour’s declaration was without any logic nor was the expressed compassion for the persecuted European Jews sincere. The creation of a homeland for European Jews in the ME was aimed at ensuring west’s interests in the region. It is true that had Egypt’s King Farouk being sincere Ben Gurion’s men could not have divided Palestine. Once the state of Israel became a reality it became an obligation for the West, especially the US, to gibe maximum possible support to it. It was only made militarily very strong to tackle the combined might of the Arabs Israel also receives an annual grant of four billion dollars from the US. Carter says Israel has 140 nuclear weapons and we think all of them are US made. Does the IAEA or its Egyptian boss has the guts to launch a probe against Israel?  After Carter’s bombshell the UN will be morally weak to pursue proliferation of nuclear weapons. What surprises us is that Elbaradei surely knew about this but never uttered a word. In this respect at least he is no different from former UN chief Kofi Annan who didn’t resign after the US had invaded Iraq bypassing the Security Council. Such acts cause great harm to justice and fair play.  But, then, that Israel had nuclear weapons was never a secret. Only difference is that the truth has not come from the horse’s mouth. Thus the fact that the US can recourse to lies and subterfuges to protect and enhance its narrow interests is also not surprising any more.

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