Nazrul championed equal rights: Fakhruddin
Monday, 26 May 2008

National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam championed the cause of oppressed women during his time, said chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed Sunday in a speech to mark the poet's 109th birth anniversary.

"Nazrul greatly lauded the role played by our women in society, sacrificing their entitlements, and demanded that the nation's forward march to civilisation be based on equal rights and equal efforts by men and women," the chief adviser said at an event organised by the cultural affairs ministry at Osmani Memorial Hall.

Nazrul researcher Mohammad Abdul Qayyum, in his Nazrul memorial lecture, said: "Nazrul is a poet of humanity, human welfare and humanism. His productive years were only twenty and it's simply astounding that he produced such a huge wealth of poems, songs, dramas, stories, novellas and what not."

Fakhruddin spoke of Nazrul ushering in a new era in Bangla language and literature. "The incorporation of foreign words enriched his writings, and he introduced revolutionary changes in the world of Bangla song."

"The myriad-minded poet wrote wonderful kirtans (devotional songs) dedicated to Lord Krishna and Krishna's beloved Radha, and with equal fervour composed Islamic songs of devotion in praise of Allah."

Nazrul was not just a poet, but a successful journalist, editor, dramatist, film-maker, actor and composer , Fakhruddin said admiringly, adding: "The great poet played a role in all his contemporary movements through the first half of the twentieth century."

"Nazrul championed the causes of youth too. He was a great optimist, hoping to find nobility and goodness in our moth-eaten prejudice-riddled society, and chanting messages of hope."

The poet's works have yet to be fully tapped, Fakhruddin said. "A number of researchers at home and abroad are engaged in discovering more of Nazrul and his works. Samples of his multidimensional genius will be held by the humanity as a world heritage."

Asking all to take lessons and directives from Nazrul, whether pursuing politics, literature or other callings, the chief adviser said: "We must face whatever crisis faces us."

Education adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman, who also spoke on the occasion, said: "Poet Nazrul spent his life protesting injustice. He will continue to inspire us in our troubles, as his works inspired our forefathers to fight the British a century back."

"Nazrul is held in high esteem by both Muslims and Hindus in the sub-continent as he championed the causes of both communities."

The education adviser added: "The poet was concerned about education too, and he remains an inspiration to all people aspiring for liberation and emancipation across the globe."

The poet's granddaughter Khilkhil Kazi urged the government to take steps to publish the poet's works in English for wider dissemination. She also asked the government to consider launching a website dedicated to Nazrul and making a documentary film based on the poet's life and works.

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zaman  - poets work |2009-03-16 03:16:52
This. MSG is for khilkhil kazi.We would like to make a website for the Poet.So if i could have the email id or the phone number of the granddaughter khilkhil kazi.So that my CO.could speak to her on this matter.
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