Let tree plantation be a success
Sunday, 25 May 2008

The government has set a target to plant 10 crore saplings across the country under public and private initiatives during the forthcoming rainy season. This is a welcoming programme. Again, the time of tree plantation has been extended from one month to three months this year considering the importance of plantation in the changed climate situation. Forestation is urgently necessary for our very survival. It is an effective remedy of global warming and climate change. Global warming causes natural calamities like floods, droughts, cyclones, and sea level rising. It thus endangers our life. On the other hand, trees ensure the bio-diversity. They also give us fruits, flowers, and timber. But with the increasing population, we are destroying more and more forestland for housing and setting up industries. Felling of trees for fuel wood is also rampant. We must shun these suicidal habits and plant as much trees as possible to cover up the loss. Everybody should plant at least one sapling that will in turn make our country a safe and beautiful place. There has been a plan to bring about one lakh hectors of coastal land under the plantation programme. The trees of the Sundarbans worked as the shield against the cyclone Sidr that lashed the southern region of the country last year. We all should consider trees as our friends and allow them to grow to full maturity. We should plant and save trees so that they can save us from natural calamities. We wish the government’s tree plantation programme a full success and thank for its plan to build a west-east green belt along the southern coastal areas of the country to protect it from regular storm and water surge. We all should participate in the tree plantation programme in order to make a safe Bangladesh. After all, let tree plantation be a success.

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SHAILESH PATEL  - SAVE TREE SAVE LIFE |2008-07-12 05:01:46
I have a land and want to plant a trees , is govt help me to do this activity.
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