Prioritizing environmental issues
Friday, 16 May 2008

A disaster-ridden world looms as a result of climate change due to environmental pollution and other harmful effects of economic activities today. More and more people in our country are migrating from rural areas to urban locations because of frequent natural disasters such as floods and cyclones, which wreak havoc in the rural areas causing death and destroying houses and shelters of the poorer people, making the regions unlivable . The serious issue of climate change and its effects was discussed at a seminar organised by an organization at the Dhaka University . This population migration is making it difficult to provide employment to the increasing number of migrants to the urban areas and the capital city of Dhaka. According to the latest research carried out on the subject, it has been predicted that nearly fifty per cent of the population of Bangladesh will migrate to the urban areas by the year 2020. Greenhouse gas emissions have risen by a third, leading to much higher concentrations in the atmosphere warming temperatures and causing devastating floods and hurricanes and other catastrophic natural disasters .The earthquake that hit China a few days back is another effect of climate change, and there will be, in the future, earth tremors and earthquakes in many locations globally , which were not in the earthquake belt previously. Unsustainable land use worldwide is also causing land erosion and degradation, a threat as serious as climate change. By 2025, nearly two billion people will live in countries with absolute shortages of water. Already in our country, safe drinking water is in short supply. We are living in an era in which the severity of environmental problems is increasing faster than our policy responses To avoid the threat of catastrophic consequences in the future , we need new policy approaches. It is now crucial that the caretaker government move environmental concerns to centre of decision.

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