Need for an effective local govt. commission
Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The decentralization of power to local government institutions and their representatives helps enables the state to serve the people at all levels throughout the country. The Adviser at a workshop recently held said that the government would very soon set up a local government commission in fulfillment of the need for devolution of power to serve the people and allow all public agencies to reach the people in all walks of life .This has been the popular demand by the concerned stakeholders including local government representatives , civil society leaders and academia , and also our development partners. The present caretaker government has set up various commissions to examine the critical and urgent issues that face the country and the people and suggest programmes and procedures of their implementation , for the future smooth functioning of the state apparatus and when the elected government takes power . And the time has come for reforming the local government system , as it is strong local government institutions with able and honest representatives and office bearers which can t ensure protection of the rights of people at the grassroots level. With the implementation of the suggestions and recommendations by the local government commission to be set up, Bangladesh will emerge as a country where the rural people , farthest away form the central seat of the government and the parliament will emerge as crucial persons empowered to solve local problems and cater to the socio-economic needs of the people. The people at the grassroots would be able to make decisions on local matters and the benefits of the government’s policies and measures to benefit the people will reach all localities. We are confident that an effective and innovative local government commission with senior professionals and academics as members would be able to devise policy recommendations and the guidelines for their implementation , which would ensure the tenets of good governance in the country.

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