On strict observance of traffic rules
Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The incidents of road accidents have of late been on rise. These claim some 1.2 million people annually across the world. It is much more shocking that as high as 85 percent of the accidents occur in developing countries like Bangladesh. Road mishap is a very dangerous peril of our country. Newspapers and TV channels almost daily cover incidents of road mishaps killing and injuring many people. Many of the survivors become permanently disable. Loss of properties in these accidents is huge. The economic cost of road accident is enormous. It ranges from one to five percent of GDP. But most pathetic are the conditions of the people lamed or bereaved by the accidents. Road accidents often damage the hopes of full family. Reckless driving and plying of unfit vehicles are the main causes of road accidents. But faulty movements of pedestrians and rickshaws cause accidents many a time. Therefore, motivation of common people for observing rules of road safety may improve the present disastrous situation. Also necessary are strong laws against the perpetrators. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) must be strengthened to ensure road safety. Its cooperation with the law enforcing agencies must also be enhanced. This will enable them to operate in better way for promoting road safety. eneration of mass awareness and implementation of findings of research works on road safety are also urgently needed. We hope the government should pay immediate attention to the findings of the researchers and take effective actions against road accidents. We are extremely shocked to understand that many road users including drivers, their helpers, commuters, and pedestrians are not aware of traffic laws. Proper implementation of the laws will surely improve the situation.

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