No Militant Links Found So Far: CID
Saturday, 07 March 2009

The CID chief has said his investigators have yet to find any link to militants in the bloody BDR mutiny.

"We are investigating, information is still coming in, but we have found no such links so far," CID chief Javed Patwari told, in the face of media speculation on militant 'linkages' to the Feb 25-26 massacre.

Patwari also said CID special superintendent Abdullahhel Baki, who was overseeing the investigation of the case, has been replaced by Misarul Arif.

Arif will now keep tabs on the investigation being led by ASP Abdul Qahhar Akhand, who famously conducted the Bangabandhu murder inquiry in the late 1990s.

Qahhar told Saturday eight more BDR men were named in the case, bringing the total to around 40.

Lalbagh police filed the case on Feb 28 against more than 1,000 BDR members, though just six were initially named.

Another six detained suspects were shown arrested in the case on Saturday and two suspected mutineers were arrested from inside the Peelkhana headquarters, said Qahhar.

Akhand said they were interrogating more people and still amassing evidence.

Three revolvers, a sub-machine gun and 36 bullets were recovered from inside the headquarters Saturday, which had allegedly been used during the armed uprising.

CID took over the investigation on Mar 1.


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animur rahman  - The Recent BRD Killing. |2009-03-08 19:30:53
The recent BDR trageddy is enourmous loss for
Bangladesh.We would like to show our highest form
of solidarity.
The notorious mission became unsucessful.The month
February will remain for Bangladesh as month of Tragedy.Following the 21st February action by the then Pakistan Goverment gave us the real inispiration of Bangladesh.
The 25th February shall unite us as a patriot Bangladeshi.
It shall further bring all pro Bangladeshi Forces near and nearer.I am sure we will not be able to bring back Salam,Barkat,Rafiue but due to their sacrifice
we achieved or Loving Banglasdesh.The name
Maj.Gen.Shakil,Brig.Bari,Col.Gulzar shall be our inspiration
to be united.
Perhaps Madam Khaledia Zia and Nizami are taking their
last breath in political field.Atl east their current actvties are just like
a dead patient.Let us wait.The day is very near when
we shall see Khaleda zia and Nizami shall be charged for killing.
Its now clear,people know this clearly who are supporting this killing in muted fashion by tracking the whole matter and press in diffrent direction.
Her(Khaledas Visit) to the residence of many Army Officers house to show her innocence will not be able to save her.Soon we will see a cleaver Diplomats face
as a killer.We have to remain united and be careful about BNP and Jamat Allaince.In reality these two political parties are against our Independence.At least 70% BNP leaders have Muslim League and Colaborator Background.Many innocent BNP supporter
can not accept this particular anti-Bangladesh trend of BNP.A leader who does not know which is her birthday can not be be a person to lead party and can show us the right way.

planning and giving all assistance
khan  - Probashi |2009-03-09 01:22:07
I am requesting our news media, not to published any type of news or information before investigation is complete. Any leakage of information by news media or any person is not going to help to find real culprit rather it will help the culprits.
We have to understand the role of the news media. News media can make false news to true news and true news in to false news. News media plays very vital role in any society. There has to be some kind of accountability for the news media . In the name of freedom of press they can not publish any news or information with out evidence. Information or news can not be based on speculation. I can not hang some body based on speculation and at the same time i can not let free some body based on speculation.
Job of the news media is to provide the correct picture of an incident in a honest way with out bias. Job of the court is to make some body guilty or not guilty with evidence. Now question??? how come our news media (few) already started blaming ISI, JONGI, JAMAT, RAW and left and right before investigation is finish. This kind of destructive culture by our few news media is not an honest mistake rather intentional.
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