Best Concert You EVER attented and Which Band or Artist is on your Wish List?
Wednesday, 08 October 2008


I love concerts, I just do. At least you can hear of a band or solo artist is really good because recording an album in a studio or perform it live in front of a big crowd is a significant difference. Also is the atmosphere at a concert something unique.

Strangers with the same passion combine together to get lost into a world of Great music and outstanding Live performances by people who are musically very gifted. It gives you an adrenaline shot if the performance is outstanding.
It may be obvious that I pick my concerts out of my favourite music but it also happened that I attended a concert just because it was recommended to me. " They are so good live, you must see them " and that is what I mostly did then. Sometimes i was pleasantly surprised, on the other hand I've been to concert that were so ' bad' that the idea ' money back please' occurred my mind several times. The only thing that makes a ' bad' concert worthwhile is the almost unique atmosphere amongst strangers who will dance, sing and shout together.
I've been to a lot of concerts and I saw brilliant performances. Just to make it sure, I am not a music critic who in my opinion are failed musicians if I measure it on the articles they write.
I hope we can share some beautiful concerts that are given around the world. My question therefore is;
What is the best concert you ever attended and which band or artist would you definitely like to see perform LIVE!!!

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