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Mar 16th
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Tibet captures world attention PDF Print E-mail

Eric Margolis

THE latest Tibetan rebellion against Chinese rule has captured world attention and sympathy. China’s government, which has been moving heaven and earth to prepare for its summer Olympic extravaganza in Beijing, has been deeply embarrassed.
Who is right about Tibet? Beijing claims Tibet is an integral part of China.
Hard truth about Indian journalism PDF Print E-mail

Khushwant Singh

There was a time, not very long ago, when our dailies derived credit from the stature of men who edited them. During the British Raj, editors of British-owned national papers like the Times of India and the Statesman had knighthoods conferred on them. Even after India gained Independence and Indians took over as editors, they enjoyed considerable prestige in society. Names like Frank Moraes, Chalapathi Rau, Kasturi Ranga Iyengar, Pothen Joseph and Prem Bhatia were known to readers.
Basic industries like steel need protection PDF Print E-mail

BANGLADESH like all other least developed countries (LDCs) is recently passing through the worst of the times. For being a LDC implies that the country bearing such appellation has a weak industrial base, for in modern parlance the concept of development and the level of industrial growth of a country are organically linked. Of late, the added problem for Bangladesh is its agriculture cannot feed its entire population all the year round. So, it has to import food grains and other agricultural products to meet the deficit.

Eid-E-Miladunnabi PDF Print E-mail

The holy Eid-e-Miladunnabi, marking the birth and death anniversary of Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH), will be observed across Bangladesh with due religious fervour

Next half of the fiscal crucial for recovery Sluggish economy PDF Print E-mail


Then we can take comfort from the fact that the reserve has exceeded the six billion dollar mark because of increased remittances. The government feels there has to be more overseas employment or manpower exports but have the working conditions improved there? And there have been certain lacunae in policy and research on the promotional aspects of remittances.
Energy reality beyond the nuclear hype PDF Print E-mail

India’s zeal for reactor imports needs to be tempered

Brahma Chellaney

The American-inspired multilateral export controls, including on high-technology flow, that have blocked India from importing even reactors and fuel for power generation, need to go in full — not just partially and conditionally as under the proposed Indo-U.S. nuclear deal. India is keen to boost nuclear power generation by buying reactors from all the three principal countries that can make such exports — the U.S., France and Russia.

Of pet dogs (and bitches) PDF Print E-mail

I wasn’t sure I had read it right. I rubbed my eyes. Ms Butenis herself going round offering cash compensation? The deputy head of mission herself? And I, in my utter naïveté, had thought suchlike duties were performed by CIA officials. A Washington Post story (October 25, 2007) helped explain matters: the Nisoor Square massacre had sparked outrage in Iraq. The embassy offers were unusual but reflected ‘the diplomatic and political sensitivities raised by the shootings.’ Hmm, I thought, rather quaint language. You wouldn’t think they were talking of massacres

In praise of political parties PDF Print E-mail

The eradication of left political forces from Pakistan and Bangladesh actually had long-term political impacts in weakening the foundations of the democratic process in both countries. The deep-rooted feudal values and identity politics based on cast, religion or ethnicity and sub-nationalities shaped the very character, hierarchy of political party systems in South Asia, including India

The silent famine in the hills PDF Print E-mail

Mahtab Haider

IN THE Bandarban district of the Chittagong Hill Tracts they are calling it an indur banya because little else can better describe what they have witnessed. Since October 2007, literally hundreds of thousands of rats have swarmed into the villages in the remote hills of Bandarban and Rangamati along Bangladesh’s forested southeastern border, devouring everything in their path – crops, tubers and fruits – and leaving a trail of devastation and famine in their wake.
Is America ready for a Black president? PDF Print E-mail

Dr Zakir Husain

The US presidential elections is a spectacle, an entertainment and media extravaganza; is a complex and long drawn out process extending well over a whole year that even American voters seem to find boring or baffling.

Yet, for better or for worse, the whole world watches and waits with bated breath. It matters to them because what the Americans decide affects the rest of the world. America is the unchallenged superpower of the planet.

Chemical Sciences & CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD PDF Print E-mail


There is no denying the fact that Chemistry, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering play the most vital role in the socio-economic development of any country. Petroleum processing and polymer chemistry is recognized as an enabling technology, without which, much of modern life would cease to function.

Not just alms, they need work PDF Print E-mail

Tanim Ahmed

IT HAS been almost four months since the south-western part of Bangladesh was ravaged by cyclone Sidr. According to the typically conservative government estimates, the cyclone killed over 4,000 people, while another 1,000 still remain missing and 55,000 sustained injuries.
Blockade and pounding Gaza: a crime against humanity PDF Print E-mail

Zakeria Shirazi

The Gaza Strip has been described as the world’s biggest open prison. But prison population is not bombed and killed. That way Gaza is a unique example of human helplessness pitted against the arrogance of power. Routine pounding of the civilian population continued for a week and dozens of people lay dead almost every day while the world looked on unmoved, except for occasional mildly worded censure.
IT To Root-Out CORRUPTION PDF Print E-mail

Valerian Texeira

Thanks to the era of DIGITAL Information Technology (IT) that our world galloping in today. With its wide-spread broadband internet connections it is ushering a new economic age of E-commerce, E-business. Most important in this regard is its innovative electronic or the digital money transaction (“credit card” its partial form) technology.
Misplaced priorities PDF Print E-mail

AM Zakir Hussain

HEALTH is a labour-intensive sector. Globally, about 45 per cent of the total expenditure in the sector goes to managing human resources. Human resources in the health sector work in a dynamic atmosphere. Like any other service sector, the health sector also has two facets – demand and supply side. On both these fronts it is the human resources that wield the mantle.

Fiasco of Iraq war deepens: Who has the last laugh? PDF Print E-mail

Dr Zakir Husain

THE fiasco of Iraq war deepens and darkens now in its fifth year. The US president and his neocon counsels have lost the war. Whether they admit it or not is immaterial; facts speak louder than fiction. Whether it was for oil or democracy is immaterial too. Whether George W Bush had been coaxed or not is of no comfort or consequence. The fact is: Empire’s Iraq Enterprise is in shambles. Who is having the last laugh?

Pak army under attack PDF Print E-mail

Dr Ijaz Ahsan

Coming on the heels of the suicidal assassination of the Army’s surgeon general, the latest suicide bombing of the Navy War College at Lahore provides proof, if such were needed, that the main target of the terrorists are Pakistan armed forces. Two of the current theories accuse the agencies and the victims of army actions in NWFP and Balochistan respectively. The agencies seem unlikely to be responsible; how can they do this?
Dhaka suspends tiger collaring project PDF Print E-mail

Mark Dummett

Bangladesh has asked conservationists to stop attaching radio collars to wild tigers while it investigates the deaths of two of the endangered animals.
Wildlife photographer Sirajul Hossein said two Royal Bengal tigers collared by the Sundarbans Tiger Project had died soon afterwards.

Clinton halts Obama’s momentum PDF Print E-mail

This has been arguably the most interesting nominating contest in American presidential history and although the continued fight within the Democratic Party will favour the Republicans, few will complain that this epic struggle between two historic candidates has just been prolonged for a while longer

Safety of launch passengers PDF Print E-mail

Zakeria Shirazi

FOR a long time it has been evident that something is seriously wrong with our river transportation service with regard to passenger safety but little was done to change the situation and accidents kept occurring one after another. Last Thursday’s tragedy on the river Buriganga is the latest reminder that the errors and nonchalance continue. What happened on that fateful afternoon is particularly unfortunate.
A beginners’ guide to democracy PDF Print E-mail

The road to democracy in Bangladesh as chalked out by her western partners seems to be signposted with the messages: Take everything at face value. Do not ask tough questions, Rahnuma Ahmed

I DON’T often get brainwaves. But there was something about David Miliband’s interview, shown on a private TV channel, that inspired me. I don’t often watch TV either. It was just fate, I guess.

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