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Oct 11th
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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Trading Corporation of Bangladesh has always played a positive role in helping to make up for the deficit in the demand and supply situation of various essential commodities within the country , and thus stabilize prices. . Unfortunately, in the past the ,activities of TCB had been delayed and made partially ineffective by corruption and bureaucratic delays . It is heartening that under the government, it has engaged in importing and distributing essential items including rice and other food products, so that the people could buy them at reasonable prices. Importantly, the role of TCB has to be expanded to stabilize prices of essential food and other items and ensure proper distribution to the entire country.. This is because TCB is charged with the responsibility to distribute food and other items collected from within the country and imported from abroad and thereafter to organize the export of items that would balance our export-import scenario. It is the primary public sector organization, active since 1972, that has been instrumental in stabilizing prices and our supply and demand scenario by ensuring the availability of sufficient quantities of essential items through the collection of food and other items from within the country and importing essential items. As of now the government has to ensure the distribution of essential food and other essential items throughout the country to prevent hardship of the people and possible famine situation .To achieve this, TCB has to open up distribution outlets and offices and engage personnel right upto the union level. This would go along way to assist open market operations of the government to maintain prices of essentials at an affordable level for all sections of the people in urban and rural areas. It is now time that the TCB ‘s regular functional responsibilities are expanded to deliver goods and services to the people, through the units of the TCB at the divisions , districts , upazillas , the unions, and , if possible, down to the villages . The expansion of the TCB operations is now an urgent need.

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