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Oct 11th
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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tourism might be a choice

Investors, both local and foreign, face many problems in the country. The main problems are certain rules. Nobody can procure permission for setting up an industrial unit easily. Availability of water, gas, and electricity is yet another barrier. Harassment by the greedy section of officials and extortionists is also a very big problem. All most nobody therefore is interested to invest in investment hungry Bangladesh. The government and others concerned realize that investment is very important for the industrial and economic growth of the country. Bangladesh has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. Unemployed people are often compelled to be involved in criminal activities like mugging, robbery, and extortion. Investment can solve these problems as well. Bangladeshi restaurant owners from the United Kingdom recently urged the government for measures to encourage the expatriate business community to invest in the country of their origin. The visiting members of the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK, also expressed their interest in investing in Bangladesh tourism and restaurant industries here. The BCA delegation also urged the government to take initiatives to attract more investments from expatriate Bangladeshis. We understand that the BCA members are excellent business managers. Since trained up in hospitality business in the west, they can attract more western tourists to our country. Their investments can help our tourism sector to grow and pave the way for earning more foreign currencies.

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