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Feb 02nd
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The multi dimensional cultural heritage of Bangladesh encompasses within itself the cultural diversity of different social and religious groups of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a composite culture, in which the influences of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have been assimilated. It is manifested in various forms, including music, dance and drama; arts and crafts; folklore and folktales; literature, philosophy, fairs and festivals as well as in a distinct cuisine and culinary tradition. The indigenous communities of Bangladesh have their own culture and tradition full of colourful diversity. The riverine landscape and the monsoon climate are intimately related to the cultural practices of this country. This site is an endeavour to focus on the country's noteworthy cultural features including the lifestyles and culture of the indigenous people. This site has been structured to highlight six major areas of the country's cultural aspects in a simple manner for convenience of the tourists of both home and abroad while they prepare their itineraries to explore this country.

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Bangladeshis eat Bhat (boiled rice) as their staple food and major intake; about 70 percent of what they eat is based on rice, which is their main source of carbohydrate, though health conscious people take rooti or chapati (wheat-based carbohydrate). 

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The dress of the inhabitants of this country differs from the rural to the urban areas. Usually the rural people wear lungi, gamcha or shirt, fatua, panjabi and pajama. The urban people wear shirts and trousers, pyjama-panjabi and formal dress includes western suits for men. 

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Tradition of a few Thousand Years. This is another noteworthy part of Bangladeshi culture. Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt), said to be indigenous to Bangladesh, is made from old cotton clothes, predominantly discarded sari, dhoti and lungi. 

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Folk music, nurtured through the ages by village bards, is the most popular and timeless form of music in Bangladesh. Rich in devotional mysticism and romanticism, folk music exudes the authentic flavour and charm of the soil. The most well-known forms are Bhatiali, Baul, Marfati, Murshidi, Bhaoaiya and Gombhira. 

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Drama in Bangladesh has an old tradition and is very popular. In Dhaka more than a dozen theater groups have been regularly staging locally written plays as well as those adapted from famous writers, mainly of European origin. Popular theatre groups are Dhaka Theatre, Nagarik Nattya Sampraday and Group Theatre.