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Oct 17th
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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

BTCL Launches Costly Broadband Internet Service in the Country. Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) has launched its costly broadband internet service.

BTCL offers five packages for broadband internet connection through ADSL plus 2 technology.

Aslam Hossain, divisional engineer of BTCL who oversees the ADSL network management system, told, "We are providing quality connection compares with other available connections. Eventually, it is not costly in the terms of quality."

"BTCL is offering broadband connection in Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore, Rajshahi, Bogura, Khulana, Barisal and Mymensingh and some others cities."

Customers will have to buy a modem costing around Tk 3000 to get connected.

The BTCL charges for unlimited prepaid connection Tk 5400 for six months with Tk 300 for registration and Tk 600 for configuration charge for 128 Kbps. It will cost Tk 16,800 for 1000 Kbps with same registration and setup-configuration charge.

Tk 4500 (for 128 Kbps) and Tk 1500 (1000 Kbps) would be charged for one-year prepaid connection.

There are two others packages for prepaid connection. The time-based package, from 8am to 8pm, will cost Tk 4500 for 128 Kbps for six months and Tk 15000 for 1000 kbps.

For a yearlong subscription, Tk 8400 and Tk 28,800 would be charged respectively for 128 and 1000 Kbps.

Another package for prepaid customer, with usage limited from 9pm to 9am, costs Tk 6000 for 512 Kbps and Tk 12000 for 2000 Kbps for six months.

For a one-year connection, it is Tk 11400 and Tk 22800 for 512 and 2000 Kbps, respectively. For post-paid customers, Tk 500 in registration fee and Tk 800 in initial setup and configuration fee have been fixed.

Post-paid clients will be paying lowest Tk 1000 for 128 Kbps and highest Tk 3000 for 1000 Kbps per month.

According to BTCL, fresh set-up and configuration charge would be applicable for shifting the connection. A client cannot switch to another package during the subscription period.

BTCL-enlisted support service provider MM Systems will look after the customer-end facilities.

In case of unavailability of enlisted providers, BTCL will charge Tk 600 for initial setup and configuration service. A further visit to customer's premise for troubleshooting would cost Tk 100 each time.

Usually, unlimited internet connections come between Tk 700 and Tk 1,000; however, speed and quality remained questionable, according to consumers feedback, it said.

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Dr.Md.Mazharul Haq  - About BTCL Internet |2009-05-25 16:43:20
It is too much Costly. I think it will not be possible to take the facilities in general for our every people. It will be batter if the cost can be minimized.
Omar Siddiqui  - It is cheap |2009-06-16 00:30:32
I must say BTCL is providing the cheapest available bandwidth in the country. Look around you and you and you will find that companies like citycell is providing service for three time the price.
Md. Nurul Hoque  - BTCL INTERNET |2009-06-17 09:45:26
Thiis costly package will frustrate the dream of Digital Bangladesh.
Gazi Nur Mohammad  - dream killing Charge |2009-07-11 10:01:32
It will not help to make the country as a digital.So this offer is dream killing offer.We want reduced charge soon.We hope the goverment will take a re-decision about it.
Jwele Patwary  - Support is not good |2009-08-20 09:41:55
BTCL does not receive any phone after office time, where the other isp take care. So how can they provide better service. Can BTCL provide 128kilobyte ( 1mbps) in 300Taka? So how can they say that "People can use internet in cheap" ? They can say that "Price is not factor but now we can use internet in mbps not in kbps, where the peoples of other country count it in mbps. In their policy general people are not helpful, but the people who are doing voip business is mostly benefited.
S.M Anwar Parvez Masoom  - Line Speed isn't Supported. |2009-08-27 10:33:57
BTCL is a government telecommunication company in Bangladesh. So i think BTCL can keep it's rate are low.Other business company can't take it because they do business. They want to take good profit but BTCL is a government company.They should give us cheap rate for internet connection because it is our own govt. company. Government should be take good solution for it. Thank You.
didar  - how you r digital |2009-10-22 13:49:05
Its not only costly...Its worid about we get the lightly internet line....
Shanto |2009-11-10 10:00:41
Above all the comment are logical.But my concern is like so many that cheap payment and nice speed. In present if btcl wants to grab the market they must reduce the cost like -128 kbps-300TK.,256kbps-600Tk,512kbps-800 & 1024(1mb)kbps-1000Tk. Can be manageable becoz the installation would be just for only once.

Becoz the other ISP'S are having lower cost then those price.
Have prove.
But one think other ISP's are not gonna be dedicated like BTCL.
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