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Jul 23rd
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Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Parliament on Tuesday passed the Sylhet Metropolitan Police Bill 2009 and Barisal Metropolitan Police Bill 2009, setting jail terms of up to three months for begging. The new laws fix no fines for beggars, but state if anyone is caught begging in public places or shows disabilities to get alms, they will face time behind bars.

The laws also says anyone guilty of 'eve teasing' will face imprisonment for three months, a fine of Tk 500 or both. If anyone uses public places as a lavatory, they face a Tk 500 fine.

It sets a Tk 300 fine for anyone caught spitting or smoking in violation of public notices. Similar punishment is applicable if anyone bathes or washes in public ponds, tanks or by their banks.

Home minister Sahara Khatun proposed the bills, passed by voice vote. BNP MPs M K Anwar, Jafrul Islam Chowdhury, Nazimuddin Ahmed and Asifa Ashrafi Papiya had earlier proposed some amendments to the bills. But they were rejected by voice vote.

Nazimuddin Ahmed questioned whether it was possible to stop begging by such laws. With the passage of the two bills, Barisal and Sylhet cities get metropolitan police forces for the first time. The four other divisional cities—Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna—already have separate metropolitan forces.

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Abdul Aziz  - beggers loss |2009-04-01 18:30:22
may i ask what provision the government has for the poor people of bangladesh and those with disabilities. how do they expect themselves to feed their families. begging was one way, now that the government has banned it what do they do?
uzzal kumar  - student in MBSTU |2009-04-01 18:32:49
i support this bill.Because they are painful in journey.
Jeg  - Beggars off the street thanks to parliament's gen |2009-04-02 16:39:11
That is the most brilliant idea from the Finance Minister A M A Muhith to take the beggars off the street.

Beggars are on the street due to the high unemployment, due to bad coffers administration therefore poor economy in the country to provide for the needed in this case, the beggar.

The beggars go on the street wanting to survive and the very generous parliament has made beggars suffering lesser for a month as they will have a roof over their heads and fishheads soup for a whole month... that is called abundance on earth to a beggar.

Bravo to all the Parliament members you have found the solution to eradicate beggars, I just wonder if your jails will be able to cope otherwise Human Rights will be on your backs as from now...

There is generosity, love and affection for the poor after all in the Bangladesh enactment. Long live the Beggarhood now they got 1 month free survival on government's / wealthy taxpayers' account.

Instead of focusing on embarrassment, focus on solution, there are plenty of jobs for exchange of food and some wages to help the beggars to survive even in this financial crisis the globe is going through...

Imagination is required from the High Thinkers in the Parliament...
Ishtiaque Ameen  - Better steal than beg |2009-04-02 18:25:14
Our present Democratic Government made provision to earn revenues even from the beggers with a clear message that 'You better steal than beg'. The poor guy has to pay anyway. A person, who don't have job to do for his earning and can not ask for people's mercy will now start snatching people's property. May I ask for the honest opinion those bill granting parlamenterians, as how many of them and their families spent nights without food in their life? I doubt whether the present democratic government count those poor half naked illiterate hungry people as the citizens of our country and do feel any obligation for them. Quoting this news as an example.
hussain  - Two-faced bill |2009-04-02 23:00:15
I'll term this bill as being two-faced, as even though it tells what not to do there is nothing on what to do and what is being done. They want to remove beggars from the streets but have no idea what they are gonna do with those beggars. How else can we expect them to earn enough to survive specially woth the government doing nothing to help them. They are being looked upon as outcasts in their own country. The bill with regards to public places being used as lavatories is also one that doesnt make sense. There are no public toilets in any of the cities mentioned above and the ones that are in place are not at all looked after. What else do you expect the general public to do in these circumstances.
Khurshid jahan  - House-wife |2009-04-03 17:28:28
The subject of the bill is good .Before implement such programe the Govt should have take some sps .project for their feeding and other essential needs .Otherwise it will not be effective.
Pritam Singh  - Making Beggars Creative/Productive |2009-09-12 11:20:24
State Police should be given powers to Put beggars behind bars and give in the local paper photo of beggars. Let any one not to claim, put him for work/labour/training etc.

They can be sent abroad, where more labourers are required.

They can be used for Govt. Agricultural farming.

Can be used, cleaning trains etc.

There should be Minister for Beggars, Some funding/budgeting should be there

When Beggars will be creative, Minister will start showing profits....

Strict action should be taken against people exploiting beggars and asking share from them.
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