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Dec 10th
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Tuesday, 03 March 2009

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina says she fears further sabotage after the bloody BDR mutiny and that the conspirators are not finished yet.

"Many did not like the incident to end so soon; the game is still on and the conspirators are not taking a break," she said at a seminar on the country's independence hero Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's historic March 7 speech at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh Tuesday.

The mutiny might have gone further, the prime minister added.

"I don't know whether I could speak here today," she said in her first public remarks outside parliament since the renegade border guards mutinied at their headquarters on Feb. 25-26.

"All will have to remain alert against conspiracy."

On the massacre of the army officers, Hasina said, "No incident could be more condemnable."

The ruling Awami League chief mourned the slain army officers and prayed for their eternal peace at the beginning of her speech.

She spoke of the Feb. 25 BDR mutiny and urged all to remain on guard in these critical hours.

"Somehow we'll have to succeed in fulfilling the pledge for change, upon which we have come to power."

Hasina, daughter of Sheikh Mujib, said, "My father used to say, '[We] cannot live with the West Pakistanis; the country must be freed'."

"He used to say, 'There will be elections and we will win majority, but power will not be handed over'."

"There will be war and we will gain freedom," Hasina quoted him as saying.

"My father was right; he could predict."

Hasina introduced the man, 'Khair', who filmed Sheikh Mujib's Mar 7 speech at then the Racecourse Maidan in Dhaka.

The Mar. 7 speech was screened at the seminar, organised by Sheikh Mujib Memorial trust.


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JAMIL  - why ths chaowdary is not arrested |2009-03-04 23:17:32
Dispite indian informtion and he had charged previosuly why present government still is silence ? why we dont accused kalida zia ? why hassina still waiting?
why this news is not broadcasting over media? why its not making any headline? we need to know.
more it is keep it quiet it will get us. Before this people get innocent life we should get him frist.
if its the case than why our people support kalida zia? why people need to be educated.
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