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Oct 21st
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Sunday, 01 March 2009

Headlines in top Indian newspapers and news channels, on Saturday and Sunday, have pointed fingers at BNP MP Salauddin Quader Chowdhury for instigating the massacre of army officers at the BDR headquarters last week.

The Indian Express made the story its main Sunday headline. "Dhaka rebels reveal plot to provoke Army, topple Govt," The Indian Express said.

"It's learnt that several BDR personnel, who surrendered after killing nearly 100 Bangladesh Army officers and personnel, have been interrogated and revelations are said to be quite alarming.

"The interrogation reports, which include one Subedar Major Zafar, point the finger of suspicion to BNP MP and known businessman Salahuddin Qader Chowdhury, who has several cases of graft against him," the newspaper wrote.

"According to information coming from Dhaka to New Delhi, some BDR personnel have confirmed that a sum of 1 crore Takas was provided as initial amount after a meeting three days before the mutiny.

"The idea, sources said, was to fuel latent anger among BDR personnel with the hope that a killing of this sort would indeed provoke a strong Army reaction," it further added.

India's largest circulated daily, The Times of India, also headlined the report on its front page.

"A larger pattern is emerging in the seemingly senseless killings. Preliminary interrogation of some of the rebels has thrown up the name of Salauddin Qadeer Chowdhury, a well-known shipping magnate who is reportedly very close to the Pakistan military-intelligence complex and the Bangladeshi opposition BNP.

"According to sources monitoring the situation, about one crore taka has already changed hands to help the mutiny along.

"Chowdhury, a close associate of BNP leader Begum Khaleda Zia, was closely connected to the Chittagong arms drop case of April 2004. The arms were apparently intended for ULFA.

"Chowdhury owned the ships carrying the arms. The tycoon, who belongs to an old Chittagong family, has been close to Pakistan for decades," The Times of India said.

India's leading English news network, CNN-IBN, had reported on Thursday that Chowdhury played an important role behind the bloody revolt, quoting Indian intelligence sources.

The channel, which is a partner of CNN International, also said on Saturday during a live broadcast that Chowdhury's name has been taken by some of the arrested BDR personnel in Dhaka.

Times Now, another Indian English news channel, has headlined Chowdhury's alleged role since Sunday morning.

Several other Indian newspapers along with many vernacular dailies have reported on Chowdhury orchestrating the massacre in Dhaka.


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David Jones |2009-03-02 14:00:56
It is very difficult ot comment on this. Because its a delicate and seirous matter. If some body support Indian media he/she must have basis.Inquiry bodies and investigation officer will unearth it.

But I think it is act of militant group/JMB. If you analyse you will see that only JMB / militant group may be angry to military officers. But still its my one school of thought.
JAMIL  - i think report is true |2009-03-02 20:01:27
What the indian news paper said is right. khalida zia cant be trusted. Her party involoved with number of year with pakistani intelligent agency .
she also involoved with jamatti Islami party. they are anti bangladeshi
Dr Hoque  - Indian Media Points Fingers |2009-03-07 18:50:03
What India wants to do against Bangladesh people, how much feelings have for Bangladesh people, and for what reason India supported peoples of Bangladeash during the liberation of war, it has already clearly understand by the Bangladeshi people.
To make Bangladesh unrest and not to run democracy smoothly and Bangladesh to be a most unrest country in the region whats India wants now.
India should not forget that Bangladesh was not liberated only with Indian help and with out Bangladesh peoples cooperation it was never be possible to run out Pakistani brutal army from Bangladesh Land.
Please stop to do any irresponsible comment and making story which will be the ever long burning sport for the region.
Just look the other fronts whats happening now in Afghanistan and Iraq??? Once Great Russia lost very ugly way from the Afghan soil and next is waiting for the America.
Journalist should not be with dirty mind get some education from Iraqi Journalist like Jaidi
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