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Feb 18th
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US records lowest monthly losses in Iraq as unrest dips PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 June 2008

Nineteen US soldiers were killed in Iraq in May, the lowest monthly death toll since the US-led invasion of 2003, the military said on Sunday, as the government reported a big fall in Iraqi deaths, reports agency.

The month which saw the highest US losses was November 2004, when 137 American troops were killed, according to the independent website. The previous low was in February 2004 when 20 soldiers were killed.

The number of Iraqi civilians and security personnel killed in May also dropped dramatically to 563 compared to at least 1,073 dead in April and 1,082 in March, according to official figures.

Since the invasion, a total of 4,084 US troops have been killed in Iraq. The US military said last week that the overall level of violence across the country had hit a four-year low.

"I can confirm 19 casualties (deaths) for the month of May in Iraq as reported by OSD (Office of Secretary of Defence)," a US military spokesman here said. "The efforts of the Iraqi security forces and coalition forces are bringing stability to Iraq."

On Thursday, the US military announced the withdrawal of another 4,000 of the additional troops deployed to Iraq last year after reporting a sharp decline in violence.

It said the latest drawdown was to be completed by June. It is the fourth brigade to withdraw from Iraq out of five that deployed under the controversial surge in US troop numbers ordered in February 2007.

"The brigade played an integral role in establishing the conditions for long-term security in Iraq by reducing violence in the Diyala province by 70 percent," the military said in a statement.

Washington has said it wants to complete the withdrawal of the 30,000 surge troops by July and have a 45-day evaluation period before considering overall troop levels.
Coalition partner Australia on Sunday withdrew its 500-strong contingent from two southern Iraqi provinces in line with an election pledge of the new Australian Prinme Minsiter Kevin Rudd to bring back the troops by mid-2008.

There had been a decline in attacks in the south of the country after heavy fighting in Basra in March when security forces clashed with Shiite militiamen.

Iraq's defence, interior and health ministries said their figures for May showed that at least 563 Iraqis were killed during the month compared to 1,073 dead in April and 1,082 in March.

The number of insurgents or militiamen said to have been killed by security forces also showed a marked drop, totalling 170 in May against 355 in April.

According to figures made available to AFP by security officials, the number of Iraqis wounded in May was less than half the April figure at 1,003 compared to 2,008.

Seven weeks of street fighting in the Baghdad Shiite militia stronghold of Sadr City died down by May 14 when a truce between the Mahdi Army militia of anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and Baghdad went into effect.

Government forces, however, announced a new offensive against insurgents in the main northern city of Mosul, considered by US commanders to be Al-Qaeda's last urban bastion in Iraq.

Security forces have arrested over 1,030 suspects in Mosul, but warned that about 2,000 Al-Qaeda operatives have fled to neighbouring provinces as well as the capital.

The US military too has warned that although Al-Qaeda is on the run, the group still has the ability to stage spectacular bomb attacks against security forces as well as civilians.
A car bomb in central Baghdad killed two people and wounded five on Sunday just outside the heavily guarded Green Zone where the US embassy and Iraqi government buildings are located.

The bombing came as French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner was in Baghdad on the second day of a two-day visit to the country. Despite the attack, Kouchner visited a Baghdad hospital, officials said.

The Baghdad blast followed a suicide bombing west of Baghdad on Saturday night in which nine policemen were killed, according to the local mayor.

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