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Mar 17th
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Sunday, 01 June 2008

Outgoing chief justice Md Ruhul Amin, on his last day in office Saturday, said the country would be overwhelmed by catastrophe if people lost faith in the judiciary.

"The judiciary is the last shelter of the state. People have high expectations of the judiciary.

They have faith in it still. We have to uphold that faith for the sake of people," he said at the launch of the 2007 annual report of the judiciary at the city's Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel.

He said he hoped his successor would accomplish the remaining tasks in the separation and independence of the judiciary.

"I have served as chief justice for one year, four months and 14 days. I had to take office at a critical period of the judiciary," the outgoing chief justice said, speaking of the separation of the judiciary during this period.

"I have tried utmost to keep up the image of the judiciary during my term."

"Lots of cases had piled up in the lower courts as there was no recruitment in the judiciary. The judiciary was separated from the executive by the sincere efforts of the government," said Ruhul Amin.

"Some 390 assistant judges have been appointed so far. We hope they will discharge their duties properly despite obstacles."

"Modern technology has been introduced in the management of court and cases that will help in bringing transparency to the judiciary," he added.

Law adviser AF Hassan Ariff, speaking at the same event, said: "we are passing a critical period of history, as is the judiciary."

"The independence of the judiciary is required not only for citizens but for the self esteem of the nation."

"The judiciary has been made separate from the executive to establish the rule of law. We have to ensure that all people have the protection of law," Ariff said.

Asian Development Bank's country director Hua Du said the rule of law and a neutral and effective judiciary were the preconditions of good governance.

The judiciary and other law enforcing bodies should apply the law neutrally, she said.

Supreme Court registrar Iktedar Ahmed said the annual report addressed a number of significant issues including the formation, power and work of the judiciary, amendment of criminal procedures law, major verdicts of the Appellate Division, the background to the separation of the judiciary and a 12-point directive of the Supreme Court.

The running of the lower courts, the ongoing reforms of the judiciary, district courts, revenue and budget of the judiciary and legal assistance are also included.

The annual report of the judiciary was published by the Supreme Court, Iktedar said, adding that it would be published every year from now.

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