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Feb 19th
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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

rading at cattle markets yet to gain momentumWith the second largest festival for Muslims approaching fast, once again cattle markets filled with various animals for sacrifice shall be witnessing presence of a large number of black money holders who will make newspaper headlines by buying bulls with a few hundred thousand taka.  Although right after declaration of the State of Emergency in the country, most of the black money holders virtually entered into the ‘black holes’, pulling back their most expensive and luxurious Hammer type vehicles from city roads, invariably they will once again appear in country’s cattle markets.

In a country like Bangladesh, where economy is always struggling, it is always observed with absolute curiosity that for past few decades especially some section of the society were becoming fabulously wealthy and most importantly, many of whom did not have a reasonable source of such financial growth. If we will closely monitor the cattle markets throughout the country, especially in the capital, it will be observed that, major section of the buyers in those places are government employees, who will go for buying a bull with a five or six digit figure. How a Customs Official will be able to buy a huge bull with 70-80 thousand Taka when his or her monthly salary is below TK 20 thousand? The interim government is hunting for black money holders. But, this time, possibly it will be a great idea for them to keep close eyes on the cattle markets in Bangladesh, where, for sure, they will discover a few hundred of ‘mint’ figures possessing black money.

Acording to various sources, organized syndicates have already taken lease of various cattle markets in the country. One of such markets were leased out for TK 40 million. It may be mentioned here that, cattle markets are generally leased out for a period of one week only. The very high auction price for one of the cattle markets in the capital evidently shows that the business syndicate taking such lease are seeing the business in the cattle market with no exception than previous years. Meanwhile, one bull in a market was already priced at TK. 4 hundred thousand. This year, a large number of smuggled camels will also be put on sale in various markets in Bangladesh.

Although government and various social organizations are continuing to make appeal to the people for spending a portion of their money allocated for animal sacrifices, for rehabilitation programs of Sidr affected people in various regions in the country, response to such pleas are very cold or even negative.

Talking to Weekly Blitz a senior official with one of the law enforcing agencies said, Eid festivals are related to religious sentiment of the people of Bangladesh. Considering this, government may ultimately ignore the facts of people spending fabulous amount of money in buying animals for sacrifice. The source said, members of various intelligence agencies will however, keep close eyes on each of the cattle markets to identify some of the ‘Big Buyers’. Mobile teams will also be deployed in various areas on the eid day and subsequent days to find out information on sacrifice of large sized expensive animals as well as smuggled camels. This may open a new information window for various intelligence agencies as well as taxation department in identifying fresh names as part of their ongoing hunt for finding black money holders.


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